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  1. Robert_Zohn

    2019 LG OLED TVs

    Check out Tim Alessi's excellent presentation. I recorded this today at the John Singletary's Anahata OLED Art Gallery at the Delaware Contemporary Museum. Tim Alessi is LG's Senior Director of Product Development. Tim, Joel Silver and I were presenters on the museum's panel discussion...
  2. Robert_Zohn

    OLED Art Gallery to be hosted by Value Electronics

    I'm sponsoring a very exciting OLED art gallery in our showroom for 6 weeks from December 1st through the end of the year. The gallery will showcase the very highly acclaimed fine art photographer, John Singletary. Singletary's work has been exhibited at the James Oliver gallery in...
  3. Robert_Zohn

    OLED industry update

    So much has transpired with the 2017 line-up of OLED TVs. We now have the choice of Sony or LG and most importantly Dolby Vision support has been added to the dynamic frame by frame tone mapping of HDR10 and HLG HDR. A very big shoutout to LGE engineers and management to include the 2016 OLED...