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  1. F

    Impedance through RCA using plate amp?

    Hi, I'm rebuilding a 1970's stereo cabinet with modern components, It will be set up as a 2.1 system, I currently have qty (2) Sononance MAG6Rs for my mids and tweeters (8 ohms). I have a receiver that shows 6-16 ohms resistance (Denon AVR-1913) and the subwoofer driver I'm looking at...
  2. JaykohZ51

    Change ohms setting?

    Hey guys. New member here. I have a Marantz 7012 with ML motion 40s, 30 and FX on their way to me. All the speakers are 4ohms. I was reading thru the 7012 manual...the default setting is 8ohms. The manual says to manually change the setting if a speaker is 6ohms or below. 8, 6, and 4ohms...
  3. Mr. Shelly

    HT receiver abilities/settings... I need your help

    I am changing my speakers which require more power to be all they can be. They will need to be bi-amplified. On my Sony STR-DA3ES receiver does the second room (or B) speakers split the front "A" channel in stereo mode? Or does this use say the rear speaker channels to drive them? The reason I...