1. B

    1.5 ohm woofer

    I have a Sony HTIB and don’t have the sub that came with it which is 1.5 ohms. I’d rather have bigger than 6inch anyways. Is there a type of line out converter for home use to use my powered sub? The receiver doesn’t have any pre outs
  2. P

    New AVR for Polk LSi 9 and LSi 7 4 ohm Speakers

    Hi All, I need to replace my ailing Pioneer SC-1523 Receiver. My old LSi speaker system is 4 ohm. I am pulled between getting a Marantz 6013 with AB amps or the Pioneer SC-701 with Class D3 Amps. I have a sales person telling me I would be making a mistake by getting away from...
  3. Craig Chase

    Ohm SSC-4900 SSC Review Thread

    Greetings all - We had opened a thread that was originally going to be about all 2 channel audio, but after a lot of thought, it just seemed to make more sense to write a separate review thread about each set of speakers reviewed, starting with the Ohm SSC-4900's. We ordered the speakers in...
  4. Newch

    Amp Impedance with a Speaker Switch Box

    Hi, I have a Yamaha amp Model RX-V365 that has 6 Ohm minimum per speaker. I have a Speaker Switch box from Dick Smith Model CN2547 that has a "Protecting circuit switch". It has 4 Zones. (4 sets of speakers). In the manual for the switch box is states "The protection switch can be turned ON to...