1. J

    Buzzing noise from computer speakers

    I just bought a pair of Logitech Z130 computer speakers today, and there is a buzzing noise. As I turn the volume up, the buzzing gets louder. What could be causing this ? Any troubleshooting advice ? Thanks.
  2. E

    Bose Advice

    Hi there. Hoping someone can advise me with regards to my current set up. APOLOGIES FOR THE LENGTH OF THIS POST!! Equipment is Yamaha RX V373 receiver Bose Acoustimass 5 - Bass unit with 2 satellite cubes Bose 201 direct / reflect speakers. Only 1 input....A digital T.V which acts a a...
  3. Doug Smith


    I have noticed a slight noise from the back of my new Anthem 720. I am assuming this is fan noise? It doesn't hum all the time so I assume the fan only comes on when needed. It is not super noticeable until you are up close. I'm wondering if this is the norm?
  4. B

    Popping noise at power on

    I'm pretty sure this has been covered somewhere on this or other forums, so I apologize up front. I had an old (7 years old) Pioneer vsx 1021K receiver that would make a single loud pop noise whenever the receiver was powered on. It was loud annoying, but I got over it. Recently I purchased a...
  5. C

    Noise insulation

    Hi guys, Question not directly related to home theater but to sound insulation, so assumed I could use some expert advise here. I live near a busy road. The bedroom has a large 1.40*2.75m window which I'm planing to cover with an acoustic material such as Rockwool prorox. I am given a choice...
  6. R

    Logitech Z623 Humming/Static

    Model: Z623 2.1 The right speaker has a power button and is a VGA connector. When it's turned on, the subwoofers would hum at 60hz and the speakers would produce static. regardless of whether or not the system's plugged into my laptop. Observed stuff: a) there's a headphone jack on the right...