1. Tony Bensley

    Serge Bromberg Faces Prison Term For Deadly Film Reels Fire

    Am I the only one who was completely unaware of the August 2020 Paris nitrate fire, let alone Serge Bromberg facing prison on manslaughter charges over this?!!? I am so shooketh!!!!
  2. Tony Bensley

    Irene Cara Of FAME and FLASHDANCE Has Passed Away At 63!!!!

    Shocking and unbelievably sad news!! RIP Irene Cara (1959 - 2022) :(
  3. MannyE

    Bad News for B&K Owners

    It seems that Stargate Electronics, home of the last tech familiar with B&K processors and receivers has folded. If anyone has any idea what happened to all the parts and software, I’m sure there are more than a few owners who would appreciate the information. I tried talking to the owner of...
  4. Sam Posten

    CES 2020 News and discussion - OLED all the things!

    First up - Samsung is going big on OLED:
  5. Johnny Angell

    Apple News+ ?

    I got an email saying my subscription to the service is confirmed. I’m getting a free 30 day trial after which they’re going to charge me $10 a month. The email looks authentic, but I didn’t sign up for it. I didn’t even know apple had a video news service. Anyone else getting this?
  6. Douglas_H

    Lord of the Rings 4k. Any News At all

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  7. rmw650

    Great News! Popeye 1940s Volume 2 is about to come out. Cover art and details below.

    Just spotted this on the WB Archives facebook page as Popeye The 1940s V2 is coming out, I believe it will be on both formats sometime next month and here is a detailed listing of this newest release along with the cover art: NEW 2019 1080p MASTERS-FROM 4K SCANS OF THE ORIGINAL NEGATIVES...
  8. rmw650

    Great news! Charley Chase Volume 2 talkies coming out on 7/16/2019...details below.

    Just found out that Charley Chase the Sound Films/Shorts Volume 2 will be coming out on July 16, 2019 and yep, i'm a getting these as well...this man is hilarious and awesome and a treat for all old-school comedy fans to view what true comedy was all and cover art below...
  9. T

    Sidney Sheinberg dies at 84 Husband of actress Lorraine Gary (Ellen Brody in "Jaws")
  10. Nelson Au

    Sony halts licensing to third party vendors. Bad news for the Bond soundtrack titles

    A friend just made me aware of this news that Sony will no longer license to third party record companies. There is a thread on this in the Hoffman forum and Film Score Monthly, I’ve included the Film Score Monthly link below. I haven’t read the whole thread yet. The first post is very bad news...
  11. C

    The Bad News Bears (1979-80) - Episode Summaries I have been researching the archive related to my local newspaper (The Oregonian) regarding the summaries for every episode of The Bad News Bears. I know the Wiki entry for season 2 is not right about the two-part "Wedding...
  12. C

    The Bad News Bears (1979-80) Here's what I bought on DVD last weekend, and which my copy has been recently shipped and on its way to me. There is but one review of this title so far (5 stars!), and the person that submitted the review says...
  13. Douglas_H

    Band of Brothers - Any news of a 4k release?

    Seems to me that Band of Brothers would be awesome in 4k. It was hugely popular so potential sales shouldn't be an issue. Tom & Steve did Private Ryan in 4k & BOB is vastly superior and would fetch premium pricing. Does it make too much sense for Hollywood to do this? BTW, saw that William...
  14. Dave Moritz

    Classe news from CEDIA 2018

    Well for those who are fans of Classe gear I got it from my source at CEDIA that Classe is being taken over by Marantz. Classe is supposed to be using video boards from Marantz as that has been a week spot in there product in the past. Along with that Classe supposedly will not longer be made...
  15. Brent Bridgeman

    My Favorite Year - Any news on Blu-Ray release?

    I still can't believe this fabulous film is still missing on blu-ray. Any news?
  16. Dick

    The latest Indicator/Powerhouse news... Has anyone any idea what the photo at the bottom of the announcement? Baby kangaroo on a leash?
  17. The Obsolete Man

    TV on DVD news roundup

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  18. JamesSmith

    Best TV DVD News of 2017

    Maybe rehashing an old thread, but I think the best 2017 TV news was the release of Coronet Blue and It's About Time. Those two were totally unexpected and a boost to those tv sixties fans who have given up hope on releases from that decade. what do you think was the best of 2017? In your...
  19. Nelson Au

    Good news from Apple about older iPhone battery life and iOS slow down

    I was kind of surprised by the news I just saw about Apple apologizing about the battery wear and the iOS slow down to compensate for an older battery. I’m not surprised they apologized and got in front of it before it got more out of hand as a PR issue. What did surprise me is a new battery...
  20. JamesSmith

    News. News. We need News.

    Dear Guys: We need news TV DVD news. There's got to be someone out there who know of other TV DVD projects coming in 2018? ===James
  21. Todd Erwin

    UHD Disney/Marvel Sneak Peek "Guardians 2" Bonus Features and 4K UHD

    Todd Erwin Disney/Marvel Sneak Peek "Guardians 2" Bonus Features and 4K UHD On Thursday, August 3, 2017, Walt Disney Home Entertainment and Marvel Studios invited the press to get a sneak peek at some of the Bonus Features to be included with the Digital HD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD Blu-ray...
  22. D

    Any News or Rumors about When We Were Kings (1996) coming to Blu-Ray?

    Hello! Does anyone know if there are any plans at all to release Leon Gast's outstanding academy award winning Documentary WHEN WE WERE KINGS on Blu-Ray? This is easily one of the best sports documentaries of all time, in my opinion, and I have really been hoping that one day this will be...
  23. Dave Upton

    Oppo Releases UDP-203 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

    Dave Upton Oppo Releases UDP-203 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Oppo has announced that the much anticipated UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray player will go on sale starting today. The UDP-203 is the successor to the widely acclaimed BDP-103, and features a proprietary video processor that performs...