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    New system. Need help

    New House has a pre installed system. I have speakers and a surround sound system as well, but my speakers just have speaker wire and the wall port looks like this.. .. Need help on what to use to get everything set up and working?
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    advice on new system

    Hello, I'm after a bit of advice on buying a new home theater system. My knowledge is fairly basic on the subject, so please excuse any incorrect technical terms etc below! Excluding the Bluray player which I will sort out later, I'm after advice on which make / model amplifier to go with, and...
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    New guy here pls help. 7.1 pre-wired theatre

    So, I know nothing. I am getting 7.1 pre-wired in my home being built and I would like expert advice as to where to locate the ports for each speaker and what speakers, sub, amp to buy. my max for budget is 2000-2500. id prefer wall/ceiling mounted but it really doesn't matter. tv is going on...