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  1. FordPeckinpahLeone

    I’m a new member

    Hi everyone. I’m AV, a new member and a fan of home theater related video stuff as a film buff and a law student currently. Thanks for having me here. Some of my favorite films are The Searchers, The Wild Bunch, Once Upon a Time in the West, My Darling Clementine - a lot of westerns. I also...
  2. R

    New member from South Carolina

    Hello everyone, I am not a hardcore audiophile but enjoy tinkering. I currently run a Denon 7.2, Klipsch set up. I have two Klipsch Reference 12's, a pair of RF-82II's, and R51 bookshelves. I am in the middle of replacing my old speakers that I have had for almost 17 years. I was running Polk...
  3. Adry007

    New Member and I need help

    Hi all, This is my first post and I'm new to all the Hts so here come my first question I about to buy this 5.1 system: heco vogue but I'm wondering if I need to buy an AV receiver or I can just connect it directly from the TV via RCA output? Thanks in advance
  4. T

    New Member intro & another request for help/perspective:

    My 2011/2010 SAMSUNG ~64'' pLASMA TV (w/3D) W/ACUTE SIMULTANeous loss of both video and audio. However, red power light comes on. Per a you tube video I watched, these are the same symptoms a similuar SAMSUNG TV had: was the main motherboard (fixed). But I woulud need a repar professional to...
  5. C

    Philadelphia Suburbs new member

    Thank you for the add to this forum. Recently acquired a new Denon receiver AVR x1200w. Paradigm speakers and Bic F12 subwoofer. Currently experimenting with Atmos front height speakers. I have a Sony x930e 55 in television. So far very impressed with this receiver and the television is amazing...