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  1. rick3r

    Few problems with a NAD T775HD receiver, pick one and provide your thoughts please :)

    Hello community, I just have received a receiver that I bought. Model is NAD T775HD, which had upgraded its audio board by a AM230 Digital Audio Board, and its video board by a VM300 Digital Video board. I have few problems, so if you can help with one of those, many thanks and kudos ! Most of...
  2. T

    NAD T 765 upgrade in audio performance

    I have a NAD T 765 HD Receiver, the new model from 2013 with HD Audio (VM100/AM100) Modular Design Construction (MDC). I have an offer from my colleague who wants to buy the unit for $770. The reasons I bought the NAD was because I wanted the best audio performance available in an AVR. So my...
  3. M

    The Italian Job(2003) - Stereo System

    In the 2003 release of The Italian Job, the guys talk about what they will get with their share of the $35M that they stole. One of the characters says, "I'm getting a NAD T770 digital decoder with 70-watt amps and Burr-Brown DACs. It's a big stereo. Speakers so loud, they blow women's clothes...