1. backstabby

    3 front speaker mounting help

    hey guys so im needing help on where to put my 3 dali phantom s180 in wall speakers, at first i was going to put 1 to the left and right side of my monitors and last one under the desk i have been told this is a terrible idea what about all 3 above the monitors tho? the height from my floor to...
  2. tmars290

    Best mounting option for Evervue's 100" Cinema Smart TV?

    Hello, anyone who owns a Cinema Smart TV from this brand? Im currently setting up my own theatre and I just wanted to know what is the best way to mount this huge TV? Can it be hanged on the wall for a more sleek and cleaner look? Thanks heaps.
  3. J

    Mounting an OTA antenna on a pole in the ground

    Has anyone done this? What type and size pole did you use? I assume set in concrete? We currently have our antenna mounted to one of our deck's 4X4 posts, using a telescopic pole. The antenna is about 16' above the ground. We are thinking of building a 3 season porch, and if we do, we will...
  4. B

    Mounting TV - Need Advice

    I'm looking to mount our TV in the living room but need some advice as I have never done this before, and I'm not as handy as I'd like to be. First of all, we have a wood panel wall. Also, the power plug is a little ways away from the TV so not sure how I can get power up there? Hoping to find a...
  5. D

    My wall mount broke

    I have an Energy Encore home theatre kit that is fairly old now. A few days ago the wall mount broke and the speaker fell down. Thankfully it was in a carpeted room, so the damage to the speaker was minor. What can I buy to mount these speakers? The metal plate on the back of the speaker can be...