1. Type A

    Martin Logan Motion On Sale

    Just thought Id give a heads up on a speaker system I just built at a significant savings. (All prices shipped) Crutchfield: 20 cherrywood towers pair $900 reg $1600 15 cherrywood bookshelf pair $500 reg $850 Newage electronics: 30 cherrywood center $440 reg $700 Hifi heaven: 4i gloss...
  2. W

    Full motion corner mount for TV

    Does anyone know of any corner mounts that support at least 55" TVs which offer 90* rotation, tilt and swivel? All the listings I find don't offer the 90* rotation.
  3. David Grove

    FREE: Unity Motion UHD-3200

    (Also known as the Princeton Graphics AF3.0HD) This is an absolute blast from the past, likely of niche interest only. So, I won't explain a lot about its technical aspects, but will offer a few comments on its condition (most excellent). Those who may be interested will likely already know...
  4. D

    Motion smoothing TV

    Hi, I have an old TV. Pre motion smoothing technology. I am thinking of buying a new one, but I really want the pronounced frame insertion, motion smoothing effect. Basically, I'm very odd in that I love the 'soap opera' effect. I like the crisp, blur free video look. The thought of playing blu...
  5. S

    Motion handling advices

    Good morning, night or afternoon (not sure where you are) :) I'm in Ireland (under the rain) and I've read good things about this forum so I decided to join it to share some of my experiences and also to get some advices if possible. Hopefully I'm in the right section, if not, moderator...