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  1. John_Bilbrey

    Denon 710 lost monitor out/OSD

    So over the weekend my Denon S710 lost monitor out/OSD functionality. Over the past few months, I've noticed every once in a while it would lose monitor out - I'd have to switch inputs to another input then back to the one I was using for it to recover. On Saturday, it's totally out - nothing...
  2. ManW_TheUncool

    Anybody gone ultrawide for monitor?

    Just ordered and received this w/in their $250 rebate window that ends tomorrow if anyone's interested: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1280769-REG/dell_u3417w_34_screen_led.html Anyone else gone ultrawide? What did you go with? How do you like it? I probably wouldn't rely on such a...
  3. T

    denon 3500x hdmi monitor 2 out question

    So i have have everything running thru the avr using the arc out channel from avr the arc in channel on the tv. The one problem is the arc in channel of the tv doesn't support uhd deep color. This is primarly only a issue for my 4k samsung bluray. The hdmi 1 port on tv does support uhd, could i...
  4. Edwin-S

    Gaming Monitor Preference

    I'm looking at buying a new monitor. I can pick up a Dell S2716DG 2560 x 1440 144Hz monitor with a TN panel and Gsync for 450 canadian or an ASUS MG28U 4k gaming monitor with a 60 Hz refresh and freesync. Which would you guys prefer when it comes to gaming and general use.
  5. A

    Monitor audio BR6

    Is a 2 year used good conditioned 2 Monitor audio BR6 with 2 bronze fx bookshelf speaker a good deal for USD1000??
  6. A

    Finding a cheap game monitor

    Hello everyone, I am a newcomer and I would like to seek some suggestions. I'm currently a college student, I was recently looking for a Gaming Monitor, I just used it to play some simple games and didn't need much quality. Due to financial restrictions, I hope its price will be around US$200...
  7. Michael Radisch

    Denon Reciever Monitor 1 vs Monitor 2 HDMI outputs

    Gday guys, I have a Denon X4000, and when I use the Monitor 1 HDMI output to my projector, all I get is sound no picture for most inputs (for some reason Foxtel works but the media player, fetch box dont get picture). But, if I use the Monitor 2 output everything works fine, picture and sound...
  8. themalcontentedgentleman

    JBL Loft 50 or Paradigm Monitor 7?

    Good afternoon, I have a bud who has Paradigm Monitor series 7 speakers. Of which I enjoy. Recently got a Yamaha RXV 483 receiver and am looking into floor mounted speakers. Was going to go with the Paradigm, but notice that the JBL Loft 50's are on sale for the pair for $300 (savings of about...
  9. GeorgeAB

    LED Technology For Monitor Bias Lighting Finally Matures

    I have been testing LEDs for bias lighting (display viewing environment back lighting) for many years, but with unsatisfactory results. The technology has matured gradually to the point where color quality of sufficient performance has now become available (90+ CRI & tight tolerance to the D65...
  10. A

    Question about matching speakers?

    So, I'm fairly sure I already know the "correct" answer to this question, but I want to make sure. So a couple years ago I bought Polk Monitor 40 Bookshelf (dual 5.25 drivers with 1" tweeter) speakers. Then I put my project on hold. Recently I ordered a Polk CS2 center channel speaker (dual 6.5...
  11. DaveF

    Recommended 1080p HDMI monitor?

    I think I need a low-cost 1080p HDMI monitor, to use for configuring my HTPC. It's a nuisance to power up the projector, and use it for Windows desktop, anytime I want to work on the HTPC. It's also probably not great for the projector. But I won't use the monitor much once the PC is configured...