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  1. J

    ARC Issues: Onkyo TX-SR343 to a Samsung Model# UN65NU7100 UHD TV

    Good Morning: I use the ARC function on both the TV(Samsung# UN65NU7100) and the AV Receiver(Onkyo# TX-SR343) for my 5.1 surround sound. I connect them with an Ivanky 3.3' 2.1 8k HDMI cable. Every few days I lose the sound. I have to disconnect the electric plug(Onkyo) from the wall to...
  2. Robert_Zohn

    Marantz Announces two new premium stereo devices, Model 30 Integrated Amp and 30N SACD player/Network Streamer

    Marantz just honored Value Electronics with the very selective authorization for the new Limited Edition Model 30 Integrated Amplifier and 30N SACD/Network Server! A music lovers dream amplifier with built-in phono EQ and MM and MC phono stage with the new selectable impedance selector with...
  3. andySu

    LG OLED 65C9MLB (UK model)

    I've had this LG OLED for a few months now since black Friday sale late last year 2019. Gravity bluray on the LG 65" OLED. The LG sits on the floor and projection light, just clears the screen. I was going to mount it on stand but its way too Heavy! Curious what are they made of that makes...
  4. Dave Moritz

    1970's Dual Belt Drive Model 1241 Turntable

    I am looking for anyone that has had one of these vintage Dual model 1241 turntables from the 1970's. I have to come up with some what looks like torx bits to separate the bottom from the turntable. But what I am wondering is the analog rca cables plugged in inside the turntable or are they...
  5. gadgtfreek

    Got an Outlaw Model 7140 Today

    Coupled it with my AV7702II. Nice little amp but not much difference from the 7125 it replaces, just newer with some tweaks over the older model (plus a slight power bump). Size and weight they are basically the same, the 7140 is quieter though, but its not like I could hear the 7125 from my...
  6. G

    DLP Projector Model HC3000 problem turning on

    My HC3000 Mitsubishi Projector won't turn on until I hit the on button like 5-7 times and then it will finally turn on and stays on. Does anyone have any idea what may be the problem? I didn't know if I should buy a new bulb and see if that does anything or if it may be something else? I...
  7. I

    Remote Sensor Not Working On Pioneer Plasma Model PDP-42A3HD

    Ok, so I have had a Pioneer Plasma Model PDP-42A3HD for a bit and the TV itself it works great and looks amazing. My problem is the remote sensor on the TV does not seem to work. The reason I say remote sensor is when I hold up the remote to a camera, you can see the IR blinking purple, so I...
  8. J

    Seeking new home theater receiver advice

    Good evening, new to the forum and the home theater experience I suppose. I have an all-in-one LG Blu Ray 5.1 home theater system, or rather had one, as the Blu-ray player/receiver died the other day. I had that one 5 years. Now I'm seeking a new receiver to work with the speakers as they are...