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  1. Mike Frezon

    2019-2020 MLB Hot Stove

    Time to gather 'round the stove and figure out how our favorite teams can make things better (or screw things up even more!) for next season.
  2. Patrick_S

    2019 MLB Season

    We are just hours away from the first regular season game! Sure it is in Tokyo, Japan but it counts as an A's home game. I'm hoping the Cubs can catch fire this season and bring home another title. Go Cubs Go!
  3. Mike Frezon

    2018-19 MLB Hot Stove

    Well, I guess Major League Baseball still isn't ready for a Commissioner Mike Frezon... http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25285813/baseball-owners-extend-rob-manfred-contract
  4. Patrick_S

    2018 MLB Season Thread

    Baseball time is here again! Go Cubs Go! It would be nice if they can stay healthy and be competitive.
  5. Patrick_S

    2017 MLB Season Thread

    Season starts tomorrow. First time in my life that the Cubs are the defending Champions! No National League team has repeated since the 76 Reds so the Cubs have a lot of history to overcome. Go Cubs Go!
  6. Scott Hart

    AT&T' And DIRECTV Offer More 4K Ultra HD MLB Network Showcase Games

    Scott Hart AT&T And DIRECTV Offer More 4K Ultra HD MLB Network Showcase Games AT&T and DIRECTV want to make watching baseball in 4K Ultra HD the new national pastime. For the second year in a row, AT&T1 is bringing DIRECTV customers a strong lineup of MLB Network™ Showcase games, live and...