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  1. Scott Burke

    General Discussion Plex Media Server

    I hope this is the right forum. I have plex media server running on my home PC. I have enabled remote access, but continue to get disconnected. It will work for a few days then disconnect. I Setup a static IP on my router (Nighthawk R8000) for the Home Pc and did the Manuel port forwarding to...
  2. Ruz-El

    First Time Setting Up A NAS Media Server for PS3/4, Any Suggestions?

    Hey folks! Any suggestions would be appreciated. I currently have a bunch of hard drives in docks plugged into a USB hub to watch movies with my PS4/PS3. It mostly works, but I've been thinking of upgrading to a proper NAS and consolidating some of those 1-2TB drives into a 6TB. At some point I...
  3. bigshot

    Massive Media Server Project For Non-Profit Digital Archive

    I've been asked to talk about the media server project that I'm overseeing for a non-profit digital archive where I serve on the Board of Directors. Our users are primarily film/animation students and artists, and our digital assets fill nearly 100 TB of disk space. Since we are a non-profit...
  4. J

    ANY viable devices that can play 4K 10-bit media files? (MKV, etc?)

    I don't even want streaming, or wifi. I just need to know if any of the myriad player/server boxes out there can play high bit-rate 4K material? I've read reviews on a bunch of them and it seems only a gaming machine made by Nvidia can handle them. I was rather wanting to avoid going the full...