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  1. JaykohZ51

    Change ohms setting?

    Hey guys. New member here. I have a Marantz 7012 with ML motion 40s, 30 and FX on their way to me. All the speakers are 4ohms. I was reading thru the 7012 manual...the default setting is 8ohms. The manual says to manually change the setting if a speaker is 6ohms or below. 8, 6, and 4ohms...
  2. M

    The Italian Job(2003) - Stereo System

    In the 2003 release of The Italian Job, the guys talk about what they will get with their share of the $35M that they stole. One of the characters says, "I'm getting a NAD T770 digital decoder with 70-watt amps and Burr-Brown DACs. It's a big stereo. Speakers so loud, they blow women's clothes...