1. Ronald Epstein

    Face ID could be coming to the iMac and MacBook Pro

    This is great news! Face ID is one of my favorite features on the iPhone and iPad. I log into sites without even thinking about it as my face is automatically scanned. Just bought my...
  2. Thomas Newton

    MacBook Air (2020)

    Highlights: A keyboard similar to the one in the 16" rMBP, with a change to the mechanism (hello scissor, bye bye butterfly) to greatly reduce the chances of dust and dirt taking out the operation of keys. CPUs now have up to double the performance (and up to four cores; before the limit was...
  3. P

    broken macbook pro A1502

    It wont start and not sure how to fix. Ive fixed many Desktops and a few laptops, but never an apple. This is my g/fs and she insists that she needs to bring it to official apple repair store. She dont have the money and wont anytime soon, so every few weeks she tries to turn it on and is...
  4. Sam Posten

    2019 16" Macbook Pro buyers and owners thread

    It's now official and they are pretty spicy meatballs.
  5. Josh Steinberg

    Quick opinion question for MacBook Pro refurbs

    Strongly considering purchasing a refurbished MacBook Pro from Apple rather than a new one, as I think it'll still meet all my needs. For the same price (or within $20 of the same price), which would you pick? -July 2018 model, 2.2GHz 6-core Intel Core i7, 16gb RAM, 256 GB SSD internal drive...
  6. Thomas Newton

    Rumored change to keyboards on future MacBook Airs
  7. DaveF

    What laptop would you buy right now?

    Reading the blogs, listening to the podcasts the past couple months has brought a lot of criticism towards the current laptop keyboards, and to a lesser extent, the confusing Apple lineup of the "Nothing", "Air" and "Pro". And while I'm not seriously interested in buying a computer, I was...
  8. dpippel

    SOLD: Early 2015 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display

    ** SOLD **