1. R

    How Best to Achieve 2.1 Audio on Mini Mac...

    hi, need help with 2020 mac mini on a general work station for every day tasks. Been seeing many small dacs/amps, bt base stations, etc... what are the best options for 2.1 that everyone loves fot sound and tiny desk footprint.? Feel free to refer me to all the other thread I didn't research cuz...
  2. John*Wells

    Browser Issue on I mac

    Ok , So I am trying to make youtube video from my iMac using the built in webcam. I am getting an error stating that Safari does not support Webcam streaming. I Tried this over a year ago and got the same. I have done updates when software has changed. Is Safari
  3. Carlo_M

    New Mac Pro can be maxed out at $52K - buyers and owners thread In case you want to gift yourself something early. :D
  4. Nelson Au

    Blu Ray drive for Mac Pro

    Hey guys, I thought I’d check with you guys to see if you’ve had any experiences with adding a Blu Ray drive to your Macs. I have the 2013 Mac Pro, the last of the towers of that era. It’s still running strong on High Sierra. Haven’t quite made the jump to Mojave yet. I do have an Nvidia...
  5. John*Wells

    I mac Browser question

    So I have a n I mac (2011 model) and I have always kept firmware, browser up to date. However, I am trying to Start a Youtube Channel and. I tried to Live Stream using the Webcam. I got a message saying my browser doesn't support streaming and I was invited to Download Google Chrome (which I...
  6. DaveF a new Mac Video Player and QuickTime Player Replacement

    FYI, there's a new open source macOS video player meant to be a modern, fully featured app to replace the neutered QuickTime Player. At a quick try, I like it. I've set it as my default to see how it goes.
  7. JohnRice

    2018 Mac Mini Owners Thread

    I thought I'd start a thread for people who have gotten the new Mac Mini. I ordered mine today. It's a custom configuration, with the i7 processor, so it's going to take an extra day or two, but I should have it next week. Even though Apple's memory prices annoy me, I still went ahead and got...
  8. JQuintana

    Daughter thinks she needs a Mac laptop. Thoughts on alternates?

    My daughter is a junior in high school and the school sourced Chromebook is not doing a good job for her schoolwork. Says it's too slow and lacks storage and so on. She is begging us to get her a new laptop (or similar) but is dead set that she "needs" an Apple Air. Honestly she knows nothing...
  9. Johnny Angell

    With My Mac, How Can I Use a picture from Photos and post it in a thread?

    Use a picture from Photos and post it in a thread?
  10. Sam Posten

    The Mac Mini is just pining for the fjords, it's not dead yet!

  11. Sam Posten

    Mac Pro Refresh: 2018. New iMacs in 2017 tho! Actually, they are being spec bumped today but a...
  12. DaveF

    How to buy a "new" Mac affordably?

    My desktop mac is my wife's hand-me-down "Early 2009" iMac. (She's a graphic designer, so it made financial sense to upgrade her two years ago and me take her old computer to replace my 2007 MBP.) I'm ready for a new Mac. it still works fine, but it's getting slow with El Capitan, new...
  13. DaveF

    macOS Sierra

    How is it? My "Early 2009" iMac is EOL for macOS upgrades so I'm banging rocks while you folks teleport into the future.