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  1. NathanEddy

    Paradigm vs Martin Logan

    I'd like some Paradigm speakers. I went to Best Buy to demo speakers, and they told me Martin Logan was a "sister company." The speakers I listened to were good, but they are $1,300 each. The Motion 60, I believe. Paired with the Dynamo 1100, they were actually quite badass. But the price...
  2. Type A

    Martin Logan Motion On Sale

    Just thought Id give a heads up on a speaker system I just built at a significant savings. (All prices shipped) Crutchfield: 20 cherrywood towers pair $900 reg $1600 15 cherrywood bookshelf pair $500 reg $850 Newage electronics: 30 cherrywood center $440 reg $700 Hifi heaven: 4i gloss...
  3. bagheera74

    Need help deciding between Klipsch RP600 and Martin Logan 35XT

    Hello All, I was able to audition the ML 35XT at a magnolia this weekend. I was comparing it to the amazing KEF R3 which is way out of my budget. I actually found that I preferred the Martin Logans because I like the airy trebel sound over the warm filled out mid range that the R3 is able to...
  4. lukelikesmovies

    Selling Lucky Logan 4K iTunes Code

    Have 1 iTunes Code for Lucky Logan (4k) $3 Paypal, Friend and Family Please
  5. B

    HD Codes FS - B&tB, John Wick 2, Get Out, HBO Series+

    $5 Beauty and the Beast The Night Of (Complete HBO Series) $4 John Wick: Chapter 2 $3 Get Out Unforgiven (Remastered) $1 Heat (Pacino) The Heat (Bullock) Jaws Once Upon a Time in America Taxi Driver
  6. MarkA

    Logan Blu-ray problem

    I ordered Logan through Amazon. I put the Blu in my all region player and it said this won't play in Region C this will only play in Region A. I returned it and got a second copy and got the same error message and it wouldn't play. Any thoughts??
  7. spshultz

    Logan Lucky

    I am definitely interested. Especially because of Daniel Craig.
  8. B

    HD Codes FS - Logan, Get Out, Heat, The Night Of, More

    $8 The Night Of (Full HBO Miniseries) $6 Logan $5 Get Out $2 Heat (Pacino movie) Jaws Once Upon a Time in America Superman 2: Donner Cut $1 The Heat (Bullock movie) Taxi Driver
  9. Tim Glover

    Martin Logan ESL 13a...

    Howdy. :) Got a chance to listen to these over the weekend. $15K. They sounded rich and smooth and yet detailed. https://www.martinlogan.com/expression-esl-13a/index.php Bass was a bit disappointing but the room they had was terrible. Just curious to see if any of you guys have heard these...
  10. TJPC


    Does anyone know if this movie is being shown in 3D?
  11. dpippel

    Logan (Wolverine 3) - March 3, 2017

    Hugh Jackman has tweeted the official title for the third solo Wolverine film, directed by James Mangold: http://comicbook.com/2016/10/05/wolverine-3-official-title-revealed-by-hugh-jackman/ And a poster: