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  1. F

    MGM and Warner Bros....when will they announce an official distribution deal?

    I've been waiting months since the former deal between MGM and 20th Century Fox came to an end on June 30th and the news broke on July 1st of Warner Bros. releasing the first half of Vikings' season 6 on DVD and Blu-ray and Amazon started listing several Warner-reissued MGM DVD and Blu-ray...
  2. Scott511

    Shout Factory just made a deal for the Cannell library

    According to Deadline, Shout Factory now has the Cannell library of TV series, sadly it just looks like the same old releases. It just talks streaming and broadcast, but hoping it would include more. Was really hoping to see The Quest, and The Rousters finally get a release. Would be nice to...
  3. F

    If MGM celebrates their 95th anniversary, can they collaborate with Warner Bros. to do it again?

    If MGM needs to celebrate not only their 95th anniversary but also their own legacy, can they collaborate with Warner Bros. on a publicity campaign (featuring a combination of movies and cartoons from pre-1986 MGM and a large batch of library titles currently owned by MGM) like they did in late...
  4. Louis Letizia

    Simon says...The Runner Stumbles when it comes to releasing Melvin Simon library

    Quite a few goodies in Melvin Simon library. Who owns this?
  5. Louis Letizia

    Oh Pal O Mar...Do we need to hire a Sleuth to find out who owns this library?

    A great deal of desireable films from the Palomar library are MIA. The Stepford Wives..The Heartbreak Kid....Law and Disorder and yes Sleuth all deserve Blu ray upgrades.
  6. TJPC

    Starting a Digital Library

    I have been collecting Blu rays for many years now. Most come with a digital version. I either have a card for each, or some of the early sets ask you to insert a special disc. I have redeemed only one of these movies because I was interested in the commentary only available that way. I did not...
  7. Peter McM

    Borrowing from public library - DVD vs blu-ray

    I am currently on a wait list to borrow Rogue One from my Indianapolis/Marion County Public Library. An interesting observation: as of this post the DVD of the movie has 254 reservations, while I am only 24 in line for the blu-ray. While this certainly shortens my wait time for a copy, what...
  8. Eric Huffstutler

    DVD Library Software question

    I am a bit behind the times since I don't "stream" or watch digital movies but still have 3,000+ DVDs in my collection. I use to use DVD Profiler years ago to record my titles but the version is so outdated that I could not even update the database and I have tons more titles since. Had looked...
  9. Nate Spidgewood

    Anyone think that MGM should join up with Warner Bros.?

    I mean, both companies now have a new relationship ever since they co-financed The Hobbit movie trilogy and that their CEOs/chairmen are actually close friends, so I wonder if Warner Bros. should either buy MGM or sign a new distribution deal (i.e. theatrical, DVD and Blu-ray) for them. When it...