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  1. mediaseth

    LG WebOS help needed

    A strange issue developed with my LG C8 55" First, the Disney+ app had an update message. No biggie, I clicked on "update." Nope. Nothing. No response. So, I clicked on "open" and I got a blue screen like it was trying to load the app but froze. It wasn't completely frozen, though, as I could...
  2. R


    I bought an LG OLED65E6V television in July 2016. Green horizontal bands now appear across the panel near the bottom and sometimes ¾ way up the screen. It appears with all inputs – satellite decoders (x2) live TV and recorded TV, 4K Bluray and computer. All inputs are linked to the signal...
  3. M

    Need recommendation...

    Hi All - New here - thanks for having me. I recently took the jump to an Lg oled and want to feed it some 4K discs. I currently have an Oppo BD-105 which is a great unit for High res music and dvd/blu. However - it is not 4K and their 4K model is outrageously priced as it’s sold out.... So - I’m...
  4. Robert_Zohn

    LG's 2017 77" G7 OLED TVs are launching at select dealers

    Just a heads-up to those waiting for the 2017 77" G7 UHD/HDR OLED TV. LG allocated a small allotment of 77" G7s to select factory direct dealers. :) More good news, the price is lowered by $2k.
  5. Robert_Zohn

    LG announces launches the 77" Signature Series G6 4K OLED and VIP concierge service and free gifts

    LG announced the launch date, price and details on the 77" G6 Signature Series 4K OLED TV and an exclusive new Signature Series G6 VIP Concierge Service. As a nice surprise the OLED77G6P will launch in a few weeks with a SRP of $19,999. As an additional benefit to LG's 65" and 77" SIGNATURE...