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  1. Wes

    My new DIY front left and right towers.

    I had designed these over 10 years ago but put off building them so I finally built them to replace the DIY bookshelf on stands I had been using. Dayton 5 1/4 and 30 year old (but new in box) Radio Shack 1" Mylar dome tweeters. These drivers are a 100 percent match to all my other 7.1 theater...
  2. John*Wells

    What’s left that I’d like on physical media

    Season Two and Three of Mayberry RFD, the remaining seasons of Head of the class (season Two comes soon) the 1973 Miracle on 34th Street television movie and any remaining seasons of Cobra Kai as they are aired on Netflix. Hopefully Sony will release them. If not I’d be satisfied with apple...
  3. Peter Trent

    Center speaker, is it best to match your left and right?

    I have Vegas on each side of TV. I want to upgrade my Center speaker and surround speakers. Should I stay with Vegas, or just buy what's a good deal? These cubed Bose and rear 151s Being used for surround I am not happy with. Also should I wait to use the YPAO used to auto set your speaker...
  4. Neil Brock

    Shows are left in the Warner Archives (1950s-70s)

    Warner Brothers Presents / Conflict Colt 45 The Alaskans Temple Houston 77 Sunset Strip Hawaiian Eye Bourbon Street Beat Surfside 6 The Roaring 20's Room For One More Wendy and Me No Time for Sergeants Mr. Roberts The Thin Man Cain's Hundred The Islanders National Velvet The Asphalt Jungle Mr...
  5. MarvM

    Sony STR-DA4ES Left Channel Loss

    I have a Sony STR-DA4ES which has seen a lot of use since it was put into service in 2003. In that nearly 15 years of service, it saw 3 years of storage in a controlled environment (in box, in monitored basement room with dehumidifier). After its move out into the new digs, I hooked it up to...
  6. Neil Brock

    Minor 60s Shows Left

    Less than 2 full seasons: The Americans Hong Kong Bus Stop The New Breed Cain's Hundred The Alvin Show Target: The Corruptors Room for One More Saints and Sinners Empire Breaking Point East Side West Side The Greatest Show on Earth Channing The Great Adventure Broadside For The People...
  7. A

    Left speaker channel keeps going out

    Here's my set-up: Pioneer Andrew Jones FS-52 floor speakers (2) Yamaha V502 receiver Vizio E50 C-1 television Samsung Blu-Ray player (not sure of model #; several years old) I have speakers connected with 12-gauge wire and Rocketfish gold-plated banana plugs. All my connections are tight. I...
  8. Z

    Question from a new home theater setup

    Hi, I have the Logitech Z906 5.1 surround sound system, but it doesn't allow me to independently configure right vs left channels. I can only configure the surround channels as one level. My problem is that my couch is next to a wall so my right surround speaker is basically touching the wall...