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  1. MarvM

    Sony STR-DA4ES Left Channel Loss

    I have a Sony STR-DA4ES which has seen a lot of use since it was put into service in 2003. In that nearly 15 years of service, it saw 3 years of storage in a controlled environment (in box, in monitored basement room with dehumidifier). After its move out into the new digs, I hooked it up to...
  2. S

    Left channel playing on both speakers

    Hello! I have a pair of Bose 2.2's. They are currently 24 years old. They have worked fine for the last year, when I bought them. I have my 3.5mm audio jack, which splits into an RCA cable. This is plugged into my equalizer. The equalizer is connected to my amplifier. Anyways, I unplugged the...