jerry lewis

  1. Neil Middlemiss

    Interview Exclusive Interview with Chris Lewis, Son of the Legendary Jerry Lewis

    The late comedy legend Jerry Lewis was the ruler of the box office. He rose to the top of the box office as part of the beloved duo with crooner Dean Martin, a partnership that lasted 10 years and numerous films and other appearances, Lewis would eventually go solo and enjoy continued and...
  2. rmw650

    Spotted an interesting Jerry Lewis triple pack of his later movies coming out on 1/16/2018

    Just spotted this on Amazon's website tonight for those of you guys and gals that don't have or couldn't get a hold of his later three films and here is that listing with cover art, coming out on 1/16/2018 for nine bucks... Not too bad of a deal...
  3. Pete Battista

    My November Movie Marathon: Classic Comedy Greats

    Yes I admit it... I was one of those fools that used to never watch the old Black and White films. While I have seen the light several years ago and began watching them I am very far behind on films from really anything older then the mid seventies.. So I thought this month I should rectify...