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  1. DaveF

    2021 iPhone and iPad anticipations!

    I mean, why not? It is 2020, after all! :D https://www.macrumors.com/2020/10/02/iphone-13-lineup-rumored-120hz-iphone-se-3-2022/
  2. Johnny Angell

    Can’t Upload iphone Video

    I took a time lapse and tried to upload it to my media and it says the format can’t be transcoded. Surely the forum can handle iphone videos?
  3. DaveF

    2020 iPad and iPhone anticipations!

    Seems time for a 2020 rumor / anticipation thread. We can break this apart into multiple threads if/when needed. I want a new iPad Pro with keyboard case to replace my iPad 6; I was ready to buy last November. And this fall upgrade to iPhone 12 to replace three year old iPhone 8+. Ongoing...
  4. Johnny Angell

    Load Audiobooks onto My iPhone?

    So I’ve got a few audiobooks on CDs I’ve purchased and want to rip them into MP3’s and put on my iphone. Is there a way to get them into an app like Apple Books or Audible so I can listen to them on my iphone
  5. Johnny Angell

    iPhone 11 and Catalina

    Apple is telling me that to sync my 11 I have to upgrade to Catalina. I do that and I lose Photoshop CS 6. Anyone else run across this? The tech tells me they use the music app to update the phone and not iTunes.
  6. Johnny Angell

    Tripod Adaptor for iPhone?

    I have the X and I’m looking for a good tripod adaptor. Here’s one I found on Amazon...
  7. Sam Posten

    Google found a damning iPhone hack

    But some of the facts aren't adding up. It's complete bullshit that they will not say what sites these were on. Are they mainstream? Jailbreak? Porn? https://www.wired.com/story/ios-attack-watering-hole-project-zero More to come on this one...
  8. Johnny Angell

    Best Spam Filter for an iPhone?

    The subject is my question. BTW, my provided is AT&T.
  9. Ted Todorov

    iPad apps - TiVO, NYTimes...etc that go from native to web apps, iOS/Android or at a minimum iPhone

    Just went to my iPad TiVO app to record the Dodgers - Brewers game (I don’t even know where my TiVo remote is, I strictly use my iPad for recording/playback/remote to watch on TV)...and — clearly totally new, demands username/passwords, pretty much acts like a website. This type of iPad app...
  10. Sam Posten

    The 2018 iPhone XS, XS Max and XR owners thread

    Reviews are out! https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/9gtzfj/reviews_are_going_live/ 3D view: https://www.hotspot3d.com/
  11. Nelson Au

    Got An iPhone 6 battery replacement

    guys, I went to the Apple store about getting my iPhone 6 battery replaced. I was surprised as I expected they would get my name and contact info and contact me with a date to come back to do the job. Instead I got a place in line for the Genius Bar instead and I waited my turn. A Genius hooked...
  12. Sam Posten

    Youtube HDR is go on iPhone X

    Sweeeet. https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/8iclij/youtube_now_supports_hdr_on_iphone_x/
  13. N

    Watch Blu ray Movies on iPad?

    Hey guys, I have many great Blu-ray movies and I want to watch them on my iPad Pro. I did some search on Google and they say I need to rip my Blu-ray movies to .mp4 format in order to play them on my iPad. I would like to know how can I do that without quality loss. Thanks a lot. Nov
  14. DaveF

    Wireless chargers for the iPhone

    This is discussed sporadically in some other threads...but I can’t find it easily. My question: Will this Anker charger support “fast” charging with a 12W iPad adapter? Or do I need a new, specific ”fast” charge adapter? “Amazon.com: Anker Wireless Charger Charging Pad for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus...
  15. KeithAP

    FYI, Xfinity Mobile now lets you use your existing iPhone

    Just noticed that Xfinity Mobile now lets you bring your own iPhone (iPhone 5 and up, Verizon compatible). Previously, you had to purchase a phone through the service. https://www.xfinity.com/mobile/byod -Keith
  16. E

    Connecting an iPhone to A/V receiver

    Hi I have a Yamaha RX-A860 A/V receiver, and I want to plug my iPhone into it to use it's built in DAC to play my lossless files back at the best possible quality. The USB port on the front seems like it only recognizes storage devices, and not something like an iPhone. I'm new here, so any help...
  17. Nelson Au

    Good news from Apple about older iPhone battery life and iOS slow down

    I was kind of surprised by the news I just saw about Apple apologizing about the battery wear and the iOS slow down to compensate for an older battery. I’m not surprised they apologized and got in front of it before it got more out of hand as a PR issue. What did surprise me is a new battery...
  18. Johnny Angell

    iPhone 6 Battery is Near Death

    My wife’s phone battery has degraded. Took it into the Apple store and they ran diagnostics on it and determined the battery was near death. They’d replace it for $79 plus tax. While there, I checked out ifixit.com and they have the kit, which includes tools and battery for $25. So I ordered...
  19. Edwin-S

    Android to Iphone data transfer?

    The company I work for uses Iphones for some unknown reason. I've been supplied with an Iphone6 to replace my GalaxyIV. Anyone know an easy way to transfer data such as pics and contacts? I've tried "Device Switch". It gets to the data transferring stage and then gets stuck. "Move to IOS" is...
  20. Sam Posten

    iPhone X pre-order and owners thread

    The process is a LOT smoother this year than last. Successfully pre-approved to upgrade at 12:01 PDT (3am EST) on the 27th. https://www.macrumors.com/2017/10/20/apple-iphone-upgrade-program-iphone-x-head-start/...
  21. DaveF

    iPhone trade-in and upgrade prices?

    I'm looking for info on best deals for trading in my iPhone 6s and ordering a new iPhone 8+ for Verizon use. What's happening with deals and plans and ...?
  22. ChristopherG

    issues with browser access via iphone safari browser

    Apparently an upgrade has occurred and I have no idea how to access the forum sections of HTF from Safari. I can get to a bunch of reviews and that is about it. I assume a cockpit error on my part but I have exhausted all noticeable avenues.
  23. Sam Posten

    2017 iPhone 8/8+ anticipation and rumors thread =)

    Rumors are starting to ramp up. Yesterday it was reported that Samsung is go for 160million OLED panels so that seems like a lock. Speaking of locks it now looks like there might not be an actual home button any more as we might be able to unlock the phone with fingers direct on glass...
  24. Johnny Angell

    App to Store Cards on iPhone

    I have the 6 plus. I'd like to find an app that stores various cards so I don't have to keep them in my wallet. The built-in Wallet app seems to be limited to payment cares and those cards for which there is another app (unless I've missed something). I'd like to store other kinds of cards...
  25. Scott Merryfield

    WatchESPN -- Different commercials on Android vs. iPhone version

    I was attending a USA Hockey national team game on Saturday evening (we have season tickets), and both myself and the person sitting next to me were watching the Michigan - Iowa football game via the Watch ESPN app on our phones during the hockey game. I have an Android phone and he has an...
  26. TonyD

    Gmail for iPhone stinks

    They just did another "upgrade" last week and it's worse. At least before I could read an email and swipe to the next one. That's gone. Now swiping takes you back to the list and then you have to click the next email you want to read. Native email app on iPhone works a hundred times better...
  27. Peter Apruzzese

    Finally upgrading iPhone 4 to iPhone 7 Plus - what can I expect?

    Title says it all, my ancient 4 is finally just about unusable with home button failure and general slowness. I've read some of the iOS 10 and iPhone 7 reviews, so have an OK idea - but are there any surprises or traps I need to watch out for? Using Verizon. And is doing an iTunes Backup and...
  28. TJPC

    iPhone 5

    Here's a puzzler for you. For no reason that I can detect, my cellular connection suddenly doesn't work. I keep getting "no service". I updated the latest software, turned it on and off, reset my connection -- all things suggested by various websites, but nothing. To serches but still says "no...
  29. Ronald Epstein

    iPhone 7 Plus: What Did I Just Buy?!!!

    You know, sometimes I buy things on impulse and then think about it more a little later. When co-workers saw me diddling with my phone this morning at 3am trying to get into the Apple Store, they asked me how much I paid for my new iPhone 7. I told them, "You don't want to know." The iPhone 7...
  30. Nelson Au

    Traveling overseas with iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

    Guys, I just came back from Taiwan on a last minute trip for work. I went to visit a vendor my company is using and to brief them on the work we are doing that they are helping us with. It was time sensitive, so I had to go. Because it was last minute, I didn't have time to do anything to...