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  1. B

    Purchased Disney movies in Apple iTunes/Apple TV app Libraries

    Disney appears to be moving a lot of its movie content to servers in South Korea. Purchased Disney films in a user's iTunes library are beginning to show a Korean language age-appropriate rating (i.e., All or 15, etc.) when viewed from the Apple TV 4k STB platform to a connected TV or on a Mac...
  2. DaveF

    2021 iPhone and iPad anticipations!

    I mean, why not? It is 2020, after all! :D https://www.macrumors.com/2020/10/02/iphone-13-lineup-rumored-120hz-iphone-se-3-2022/
  3. Sam Posten

    Apple 2020 iPad Pro owners thread. Your computer is not a computer

    Badass. Expensive but badass. https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/18/21184719/apple-announces-new-ipad-pro-price-release-date-availability https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/18/21184929/apple-magic-keyboard-ipad-pro-trackpad-hinge-price-release-date Brilliant marketing too.
  4. DaveF

    2020 iPad and iPhone anticipations!

    Seems time for a 2020 rumor / anticipation thread. We can break this apart into multiple threads if/when needed. I want a new iPad Pro with keyboard case to replace my iPad 6; I was ready to buy last November. And this fall upgrade to iPhone 12 to replace three year old iPhone 8+. Ongoing...
  5. Nelson Au

    New iPad Air 10.5” and 5th gen Mini iPad In Apple Store

    Apple Insider reported that the Apple Store this morning was updated with new iPad Air with 10.5” display and 5th generation iPad Mini. Both with first gen Apple Pencil support. Thought I’d start a thread in case you guys weren’t aware. (I’m sure you guys know!) This is ahead of the Spring Event.
  6. dpippel

    SOLD: 10.5" iPad Pro - 256GB Space Gray Wifi Only - MINTY

    ** SOLD **
  7. Ted Todorov

    iPad apps - TiVO, NYTimes...etc that go from native to web apps, iOS/Android or at a minimum iPhone

    Just went to my iPad TiVO app to record the Dodgers - Brewers game (I don’t even know where my TiVo remote is, I strictly use my iPad for recording/playback/remote to watch on TV)...and — clearly totally new, demands username/passwords, pretty much acts like a website. This type of iPad app...
  8. Sam Posten

    Affinity Designer is finally out for iPad. $13.99 and AWESOME

    https://9to5mac.com/2018/07/11/professional-illustrator-app-affinity-designer-now-available-on-ipad-for-just-13-99/ I can't draw worth a damn and I am definitely getting this.
  9. N

    Watch Blu ray Movies on iPad?

    Hey guys, I have many great Blu-ray movies and I want to watch them on my iPad Pro. I did some search on Google and they say I need to rip my Blu-ray movies to .mp4 format in order to play them on my iPad. I would like to know how can I do that without quality loss. Thanks a lot. Nov
  10. EricSchulz

    Help setting a "default" internet connection for my iPad Mini

    When I moved into my apartment and signed up for Comcast/Xfinity internet I was given access to the Xfinity network until I was set up with my router, etc. I created a secure connection called White Tiger. Occasionally if I recharge or shut down my iPad it automatically connects with Xfinity...
  11. Ron1973

    The iPad has become a paperweight!

    iPad Air 32 GB, not quite 3 years old. I noticed several months ago that it was not holding a charge like it used to. I did the customary, obligatory steps of reducing brightness, deleting some apps I don't use, and having it "time out" quicker. It finally came to a point it wouldn't even make...
  12. C

    Cannot change the sound volume when I connected ipad with an AAXA M6 projector to play YouTube

    As the title, I encountered an issue when I connected ipad with an aaxa m6 pico projector to play youtube videos. The sound choice on ipad seemed half way but locked. I cannot change it at all. Though I turned up the projector to its maximum, the sound was still not loud enough. Any solution for it?
  13. John_Bilbrey

    Streaming from iPad to TV via HT receiver

    Hey guys, I ran into an issue last night trying to watch the NHL Finals. I have the PS Vue streaming service and the game wasn't available to me, so I started watching it on the iPad via the NBC Sports app. I thought I could stream this to my TV via Airplay, but all I got was sound - no video...
  14. DaveF

    iPad Air 2 no longer charges battery

    After updating yesterday to iOS 10.2.1, my iPad Air 2 no longer charges its battery. Plugging it into any charger, including its original wall wart, I get the pop up saying "This accessory no longer supported" and it doesn't charge. I've restarted it. I used compressed air to blow out the...
  15. DaveF

    Apple Event Sept 2016 (iPhone "7" and more?)

    it speaks to the maturity of the iPhone and the seemingly exhaustive rumor-reporting that no one cares to create an iPhone 7 thread just weeks ahead of the event. But that's the boring tech world of 2016 :) “iPhone 7: No Headphone Jack! Dual Cameras, and More”...