1. moviefanatic1979

    International Congo Crossing (1956) German Blu-ray (as Blutroter Kongo)

    I got the German Congo Crossing (1956) Blu a while ago. I think the transfer looked great on my 42 inch LCD TV. It was shot in Technicolor, but the colors looked a bit muted from what I can remember. Nothing that hindered my enjoyment, though. Was it a Superscope movie? Edit: According to...
  2. Andrew Budgell

    International Divorce His, Divorce Hers - Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton - France Blu-ray

    L.C.J. Editions in France will release the 1973 TV film Divorce His, Divorce Hers starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on Blu-ray next month. According to the back cover, it's derived from a new 2K master. There is an English language track and the back cover indicates that it's Zone B...
  3. Ronald Epstein

    International Pre-Order Sorry, Wrong Number (1948) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Thank you for supporting HTF when you preorder using the link below. If you are using an adblocker you will not see link. As an Amazon Associate HTF earns from qualifying purchases <iframe margin marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frame...
  4. Ernest


    It is 1966 a civil war is raging between North and South Vietnam Australia and New Zealand have sent forces to help the South and American troops fight the North. In a rubber plantation called Long Tan 108 mostly inexperienced Australian and New Zealand soldiers are fighting for their lives...
  5. J

    International THE ANNIVERSARY on blu ray. BETTE DAVIS

    I purchased this in Paris 2 days ago and also watched this black comedy...Bette Davis as the nasty wicked mother from hell. It's restored...the transfer is exemplary . The Blu Ray is region B only. No forced subtitles.
  6. disctrip

    Is The International cut of "Kill Bill Vol. 1" available on Blu-Ray?

    I have the Japanese uncut version on DVD, but was wondering if it was ever released on Blu-Ray. Anybody know?
  7. atfree

    International The Hitcher (1986)- coming soon to Blu-Ray
  8. atfree

    International D-Day The Sixth of June (1956)- coming 6/29/18 (Germany) Region B
  9. atfree

    International Winchester '73 (1950)- Blu-Ray from Shock Entertainment 2/7/18

    Aussie Distributor Shock has released Winchester '73 as part of their Hollywood Gold Series blu-ray releases. I have several of their releases (Lifeboat, The Devils Brigade, Judgment at Nuremberg, Exodus) and they are legitimate licensed releases. They are also Region-Free. The qualify of...
  10. atfree

    International April 2018 Powerhouse/Indicator Films Releases

    (Alan Arkin, 1971) Release date: 23 APRIL 2018 Limited Blu-ray Edition (World Blu-ray premiere) Adapted from the controversial stage play by Jules Feiffer (Carnal Knowledge), this savage, nihilistic black comedy was the startling directorial debut of actor Alan Arkin. When a severely...
  11. Dick

    International To My Eyes...ARABESQUE (1966) on Blu from Italy

    This is a fun movie. In fact, it's one of a handful of films in which lead Gregory Peck actually seems to be having a great time, and who wouldn't be when the co-star is Sophia Loren? (And doesn't her pose on the cover above remind you of Raquel Welch's for ONE MILLION YEARS, B.C.?) Peck isn't...
  12. Dick

    International To My Eyes...SWASHBUCKLER (1976) Blu-ray from Germany

    Got this yesterday, along with BEND OF THE RIVER. Quality-wise, they are night and day. I'd call SWASHBUCKLER a guilty pleasure, which I saw with my (then-new) wife in 1976, but I actually don't think it's a bad movie, even though Maltin's guide assigns a "BOMB" rating to it. We both enjoyed...
  13. atfree

    International February 2018 Powerhouse/Indicator Films Releases

  14. atfree

    International Powerhouse/Indicator Films £10 Birthday Sale 10/27/2017
  15. atfree

    International Hope and Glory [1987] [Region Free]- coming from Sony UK 10/30/17
  16. atfree

    November 2017 Indicator/Powerhouse Films Blu-ray Releases

    MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (Cy Endfield, 1961)* JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS (Don Chaffey, 1963) FIRST MEN IN THE MOON (Nathan Juran, 1964)* Release date: 13 November 2017 Limited Dual Format Edition (* UK Blu-ray premieres) These all-time classic adventures, each featuring pioneering special effects by...
  17. atfree

    International October 2017 Indicator/Powerhouse Films Blu-ray Releases

    HAMMER HORROR (Volume 1) Four classics from Hammer, each presented on Blu-ray for the very first time in the UK. Whether it's a mad man brandishing a welding torch, a mythical monster who's looks can kill, an ancient royal with diabolical powers, or a mad woman wielding a pair of scissors...
  18. atfree

    International Attack Force Z (1982)- coming from Umbrella Entertainment

    From Umbrella Entertainment's Facebook page: ATTACK FORCE Z is Coming to Blu-Ray! Watch Mel Gibson and Sam Neill in Glorious HD as the elite military team dispatched during WW II to locate and rescue the survivors of a shot down plane, stranded on a South Pacific island occupied by the...
  19. bigshot

    International The Films of Yuriy Norshteyn Blu-ray

    Great news for fans of animation... I just received the Japanese steelbook of The Films of Yuriy Norshteyn. Beautiful package. It has a nice booklet (all in Japanese but with a few nice pictures) and a set of three art cards of sketches of the characters. I haven't watched it yet, but I'll...
  20. T


    Anyone interested in original cd soundtrack like new? Might trade for MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES bluray.
  21. atfree

    International Castle Keep (1968)- coming from Indicator Films 7/24/17
  22. Sgt Pepper

    Indicator/Powerhouse Thread.

    Superb new label, picked up 10 Rillington Place, blown away by the PQ and Packaging. Loads of great stuff from them and more to come:
  23. RMajidi

    International Criss Cross (1949) Aussie Blu-ray - 2nd March

    Siodmak, Lancaster, De Carlo, Dureyea... Have been waiting for this to get a Blu-ray release for some time, and happily won't have to wait much longer... and a local release (for me), no less. Hoping his Spiral Staircase is not too...
  24. Dave B Ferris

    Guy Madison Westerns (France)

    Standard DVD releases of "The Hard Man' and "Reprisal" in France, earlier this year. I ordered these releases yesterday. Have any members here already viewed these releases?
  25. atfree

    International See No Evil (1971)- coming from Carlotta Films 11/9/2016
  26. atfree

    International The New Centurions (1972)- coming from Carlotta Films 11/9/2016
  27. atfree

    Indicator Films - New UK Blu-ray/DVD Label Indicator is a new British Blu-ray and DVD label owned and operated by Powerhouse Films Ltd, London, England. Founded by industry veterans with a passion for physical media, Indicator aims to release up to four titles per month. Indicator editions will be...
  28. Dick

    And here's one tha Disney isn't giving 3D Blu-ray release to ANYWHERE

    I guess we're growing confident that STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS will get a domestic 3D release, even if only as part of a 5-disc box set. THE JUNGLE BOOK and previous movies made in 3D (FROZEN, BIG HERO 6), that did not get a U.S. 3D video release can be had from Europe. But I am discouraged...
  29. RMajidi

    International Frank Capra's Lost Horizon - Blu-ray

    Frank Capra's Lost Horizon is in pre-release here in Australia, slated for Sep 7 release. Fantastic news for Capra-loving Aussies like yours truly, but also good news for film nuts everywhere follows: Sony has restored this from a 4K scan (Via Vision/Madman are Sony's distributors here)...
  30. atfree

    International Fail Safe (1964)- Australian BD 9/7/16