1. G

    Infinity speakers for sale

    I am new as of today and have not yet learned to navigate. I was looking for Infinity RS 3 and it appears 2 people have them at a reasonable price. Get back to me if that's you.
  2. K

    Infinity speaker

    Hello my name is Rick and new to the forum I was wondering if there is a OEM replacement 12” woofer for my Infinity Studio 120 Iam thinking its 35-40 years old?
  3. V

    Infinity Saga (23 Marvel Films) 4k Digital Code lot for sale!

    Infinity Saga 4K codes for sale!---------------SET HAS BEEN SOLD Marvel Cinematic Universe (all 23 films) $130.00 Came from the just released yesterday and already out of print Marvel Studios box set. I purchased the set Brand New and Sealed and went to Movies Anywhere for entered all 23 codes...
  4. Grady Hollums

    Selling all audio gear from my HT, SVS, Emotiva, Crown, Infinity, Denon

    For any photos, please just message me and I can send them over. Thank you. I’m deciding to sale all my audio equipment. My wife and I have decided to live more simply and that means changing my lifestyle away from the living room theater and more to contemplative photography so with this sale...