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  1. J

    Help connecting HDTV to in-wall speakers via Yamaha HTR-5730

    Hello! I'm looking for the easiest way to connect my budget Toshiba HDTV (which has an optical output) to a 5.1 in-wall speaker system (front L/R, front center, back L/R, subwoofer) through a Yamaha HTR-5730 receiver. Will it be possible to use banana plugs, or should I get banana plug to RCA...
  2. C

    Freestanding speakers in closet vs in-wall speakers

    Hi everyone! Just joined the forums, haven't put together a serious home theater setup in 10 years. Now that I have a house and (finally) a good budget, I'm ready to dive back in! I've got a major remodel underway of a 23x30 multipurpose entertainment room where I will be installing a home...
  3. billwhitt

    In-Wall Ported Vs Sealed subs for home theater

    Kind of a novice looking to build a home theater. Very limited space will require me to go in wall and ceiling with the speakers. I was looking at the sonance R12SUB as it has a frequency response down to 25Hz, the lowest I can find for an in-wall sub. I was thinking 2 of these in the front of...
  4. eddified

    In-wall vs standalone Subwoofer & in-wall vs standalone speakers

    Hello, I've got an unfinished basement and am in planning stages right now. I had settled on building a 5.2.2 home theater system (used almost exclusively for tv & movies) with in-wall & in-ceiling speakers (including in-wall Left, Right and Center speakers), but with 2 standalone powered 12"...
  5. D

    Need help with Impedance settings for Zone 2 with multi-room and in-wall volume knobs

    Hello, I have a speaker system installed when we built our home that includes a total of 8 speakers (Yahama with 8 ohm) and these are controlled in different rooms by 6 volume knobs (details below). In the 7 years we've had our house, I have blown 3 receivers so I've come to the conclusion that...
  6. T

    In-wall speaker recommendation

    I would like a recommendation for some in-wall speakers to serve as my left/right in my 5.1 surround system. My space is limited. I can go up to 12 inches wide by 24 inches tall. I am looking for something that will give me pretty high-quality sound both for home theater I am straight audio...
  7. DaveF

    In-Wall Speakers for CatFisch Theater?

    After touring a trio of neighborhood home theaters, I'm thinking about changing plans from "media/game" room to dedicated "movie" room. And gong to in-wall speakers for at least the surrounds. This would resolve space problems for the rear surrounds which are in the way, when free-standing, in...