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  1. Johnny Angell

    Sharing the iCloud?

    I have a bunch of photos I'd like to share with someone. Can I put them in a folder and share only that folder with the other party? And do they have to have an IOS device to access the photos?
  2. TonyD

    iCloud, 99¢ A month and my 50 gigs. But where is it?

    so yeah. Been paying 99¢ a months for half a dozen or so. Thinking I don’t need it with this new max 256 iPhone. I just have no idea where the stuff I saved is. Where is it?
  3. Nelson Au

    iCloud account attempted access by someone other then me?

    Guys, I just got an email from Apple that said someone tried to get into my iCloud account. It said it was near New York on the 14th of April at 4:58pm. That timing made me suspicious. It’s only 10:30 am right now in California. So it couldn’t have been from the future. The From: address simply...
  4. DaveF

    Photos / iCloud spontaneously deleted 24,000 of wife’s photos!

    Details hopefully to come, but in trying to sync her photo library to iCloud, somewhere around 24,000 to 32,000 photos have vanished from my wife’s Mac. Fortunately she’s got Time Machine, BackBlaze, and SuperDuper (but come to discover SD hasn’t run it’s biweekly update since September!). So...