1. ENDEE666

    Hum issues hooking up Pro Audio (Crown) amp to Home Audio Receiver (Yamaha)

    Hello everyone. Hoping someone can help me solve an issue I am having. I am expanding my sound system in my den at home. Mostly with stuff I already own, while adding a few new items. I have done a lot of troubleshooting already, and wanted some guidance before I started throwing more money and...
  2. S

    Onkyo vintage with speaker hum

    I have an onkyo vintage av reciever. Has a two prong plug which is plugged directly into wall outlet. I get hum from my mains when I switch to THX or any kind of surround sound. No hum when using just mains for music. My input source is toslink from smart tv. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Incloud

    12v Trigger Splitter Hum

    I have only one 12v trigger on AVR so ran a splitter to my XPA-100 and LPA-1. Then the trigger out to my SVS PB-2000. All is good but I'm getting a low hum now from the sub. I've already tried different configurations with no luck and have the sub on a separate outlet now. No hum without...
  4. D

    subwoofer hum

    hi i have a subwoofer in a home hums realy load. and gits louder when you turn the gain or crossover knobs. Anybody have any idea. any help will be grate thank you. ahead of time.
  5. R

    Logitech Z623 Humming/Static

    Model: Z623 2.1 The right speaker has a power button and is a VGA connector. When it's turned on, the subwoofers would hum at 60hz and the speakers would produce static. regardless of whether or not the system's plugged into my laptop. Observed stuff: a) there's a headphone jack on the right...