1. Helgaiden

    Bought a new TV, no more HDMI audio from PC thru receiver

    So I have my TV and PC connected to my Denon receiver (which I got in 2012). Its a 1080p receiver which I'm sure will matter. For the longest time, my Samsung 1080p 55" worked well with the PC thru the receiver. Audio over HDMI thru the receiver from the graphics card worked as it should...
  2. A

    Mini PC processor minimums for HTPC

    Scrapping my huge HTPC and want to start fresh with a Mini PC (one of those 6" square jobs). Looking for a recommendation as to a minimum processor with onboard graphics that will play 4K video with no problems. My only program requirements are Win 7 or 10, with a file manager, browser, Media...
  3. Dario1971

    HTPC connect to DAC for Home Cinema

    Hi all. I have to connect an HTPC to a Yamaha RX-A3080, in order to view my movies. Because HTPC it is 20 meters away from Yamaha RX-A3080, how many ways you know I can use? Thanks in advanced.
  4. jlondon75

    Seeking advice on a new-build htpc

    Hey Folks, It has been a long while since my last foray into building PCs, so I'm simply out of touch with options... I'm now needing to replace an ancient PC (circa 2004 big-box-store; the last time I bought rather than built one) that just died. I was using it simply as a way to access my...
  5. N

    Got the HTPC bug...which mobo?

    Forum members, I've gotten the "build your own HTPC" bug. My desires are pretty high and I'm pretty sure I know what I need....with an exception. In the long run, I'm looking for an HTPC that can sit in my media stand and look nice (Silverstone case....prob Grandia 09) and play 4K HDR...
  6. B

    Looking to build HTPC around 250-325 maybe a little bit more

    Hello everyone, I'm new to building htpc's but i'm looking to build a htpc around 350, I have not picked out parts as of yet. I would like to run linux as the os. I don't need it to be anything crazy since it will be my first build but as long as it can run low tier emulators/games and good...
  7. T

    Some 4k questions & confusion

    Hey guys, So I have been recently looking at upgrading my 65" Samsung LEDtv to a new 65" 4k screen. With my current setup, my home theater consists of my PC and PS4 plugged into my surround sound receiver, receiver into TV. I don't have cable television and use my PC for everything - Kodi...
  8. DaveF

    Recommended 1080p HDMI monitor?

    I think I need a low-cost 1080p HDMI monitor, to use for configuring my HTPC. It's a nuisance to power up the projector, and use it for Windows desktop, anytime I want to work on the HTPC. It's also probably not great for the projector. But I won't use the monitor much once the PC is configured...
  9. W

    Problems accessing setting menu on HTPC

    Hi I have a BASE HTPC from a now defunct Irish brand called DF Solutions. it;s hardwired into my NAS drive. Last week the windows o/s seemed to install an update and now when the machine is turned on it dipalys the following error messge: 16 bit ms_dos subsystem The NTVDM CPU has encountered an...