htf meet

  1. Adam Gregorich

    Interview Prepping Peter Pan for Blu-ray

    Prepping Peter Pan for Blu-ray As part of the recent 2012 Home Theater Forum Hollywood meet we had the opportunity to meet with Sara Duran, Senior Vice President Post Production at Walt Disney Studios. She talked to us about the work that went into the Peter Pan Blu-ray due for release on...
  2. Adam Gregorich

    Interview Universal Studios Monsters Collection Making the Invisible Man, Visible Again

    Universal Studios: Archive Tour and making the Invisible Man visible again, restoring the Monster Collection As part of our Home Theater Forum meet, we recently had the opportunity to take in some of the public attractions on a tram tour of the Universal back lot, but also got to enjoy...
  3. Adam Gregorich

    Interview Bob Whitehill, Stereoscopic Supervisor Pixar on 3D

    During the recent HTF Meet we were hosted by Disney for a packed morning. Sarah Duran talked to us about the studio's preservation efforts and their restoration work done on the upcoming release of Peter Pan to Blu-ray. We got on update from Joe Quesada on an upcoming Marvel film and a...