1. J

    Amp/Center Speaker

    I am very new to home theatre tech and need some equipment. I have four speakers in my home right now (two front, two back) and am looking for an amp and a front center speaker to match (potentially a subwoofer as well). The two front speakers are PSB Stratus Silver, and the two back speakers...
  2. zoeeee

    This is my first home theater and I think it works great, but I have no experience and would like to hear everyone's advice.

    Hello everyone! I just recently moved to a new location, and I have enough space to build my own AV studio. However, because I didn't have much budget, I didn't have the money to hire professional decoration personnel, and I did the whole process alone. It took about a week, and I am delighted...
  3. A

    Hometheater setup advice needed

    I am a music lover and new to this forum. I want to setup a new home stereo system but in a dilemma of choosing the right options. About myself: music first then movie, both are important. I thought of going for a soundbar that is also good for music listening. But there are so many options and...
  4. A

    Hometheater 2.0

    Hello, my Name is Linus im from Germany and i want to upgrade my Homecinema. At the Moment i Use an Beamer from BenQ (W7000), a cheap Motor screen 16/9 250cm wide, for Audio i use an Teufel Cubycon 5.1 an for control a Logitech Harmony remote.
  5. Mirco

    Hometheater set up-subwoofer issue

    Hi all! I have pioneer av receiver vsx324 and i connectwd to it a jamo set with all the sorround. By setting the ext.stereo mode i can make sound everything except the subwoofer!! By doing the channel level i can hear some noise in the sw, but any test i do with film/music test it doesn't sound...
  6. K

    Best Budget HomeTheater in a box?

    Yamaha YHT-3920UBL 5.1 for 429.95 or Onkyo HT-S3800 5.1 for 249.00 (Amazon) I have been stuck and need to order ASAP. I'm leaning Yamaha but like the 1/2 of price on Onkyo? Please help! Also will take other suggestions???
  7. R

    hometheater LF

    What are you looking for (Speakers, Subwoofer or Both)? subwoofer Primary Use: Home theater Desired Configuration: 5.2.2 Room Size:11*13 Is the room open to other areas of your home: No Do you already have an AV receiver or amplifier? Yes What's your budget (low to high): DIY I have 2...
  8. G

    Hometheater in a concrete basement

    Hi All, A am an hometheater enthousiast from The Netherlands who has long dreamt of having a dedicated room for my home theater. Back in 2010 I had a new house build and included a design for a hometheater room in the basement. For the design I turned to Rives Audio. Unfortunately the...