1. Alf S

    Google Chrome Home

    On sort of a whim I decided to use some bday money to try out the new Goggle Home device. It was on sale the week of Black Friday so pricing wise I was ok with the investment. So far my 8 year old is having the most fun with it, asking it all kinds of things, from math homework questions to...
  2. M

    Basement Home Theater....on a budget.

    Hello all, I was looking for ideas on the good old WWW when designing my basement theater. While looking through some projects on here and on Google images, I came across some amazing set ups. Way too amazing. Some home theaters seemed to have 20 foot ceilings, some were as big as the local...
  3. J

    FS: Home Theater Package (70% OFF!!!)

    For sale is a Home Theater Package worth $8,100 selling only for $2,500 (70% OFF!!!). *** MUST BUY ENTIRE PACKAGE TO GET THE $2,500 PRICE *** Running time for the entire system is less than 100 hours (only for movies). Reason for selling: we moved to small house and there is no space for a...
  4. M

    can't get cable box to play 5.1 sound on home theater

    my home theater works great on the 5.1 sound playing dvd's. but i can't get anything off the cable box to play 5.1. every speaker plays the same thing. what good is it if i can't watch movies from cable that have great sound. is this common? or is there possibly something I can do to make this...
  5. Pupkin99

    A belated thanks plus home theater pics

    I can't remember when I originally joined but it was over a decade ago, maybe earlier. I've been lurking and viewing your home theater posts and pics and taking notes for the one day when I finally might be able to build my own. Well I got the chance just over a year ago but never came back to...
  6. MajorgamerQc

    How to counter the extreme loudness coming from the front speakers in a 7 speakers setup.

    Hi, i recently installed my latest home theater system with a Pionner Dolby atmos ready VSX-LX101 receiver and a 7.0 speakers with 2 front columns (including 2 woofer and a tweet each) but no sub-woofer. If i did my homework right the cross over make it so that the bass frequency from my...
  7. K

    New Home Theater in my new home. Some questions.

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and looking for some advice. I'm not a complete novice with Home Theater equipment in general, but I'm definitely a novice with setting up a Home Theater with wires run through the walls. I've always been in rentals where I was unable to install anything in a...
  8. H

    Dedicated Home Theater

    Hi, I am planning to built a dedicated home theater which has already included in my house plan. A room of 18 by 12 (foot), the height being 9 ft, is kept reserved. My budget is 2.5k (only for most of the stuffs such as Projector, AV receivers, Projector screen, speakers and not for ambience...
  9. KoshN

    Have There Been Any Warner Home Video Live Chats Here Since 2008?

    Just wondered if anybody has asked WHV about "Brimstone" (1998-1999, 13 eps.) coming to DVD since the 09/15/2008 chat. The subject came up today in my Twitter TL.
  10. stymie222

    Finally upgrading my Home Theater receiver

    I have had my Onkyo TX-SR700 for nearly 15 years or more and have been more than pleased with it's longevity and performance for all these years. Searching for new Onkyo receivers, 100-140+ watts per channel, 7-1 or 7-2 has left me a bit worried on their quality. The reviews have been less than...
  11. B

    New Home Theater HelP

    Alright so im looking to make my medium sized room SHAKE. Im looking for insane bass and loud audio. Im brand new and all these numbers are confusing me so I came to this forum my budget would be about 800 dollars for the whole thing. OPen to all recomendations.
  12. S

    Sound in home theater works, but....

    Samsung Home Theater system, Samsung TV (don't have the model number, I'm at <gasp> work). I can do a test on the speakers from the home theater system, they all work. Slide a DVD in, and "poof", sound through home theater speakers disappears, and I have to run sound through TV, totally...
  13. Mimmoj85

    First Real Home Theater

    Hallo to everyone, I am Domenico and i'd like to have if possible a bit of support to help me chosing a good home theater system to add to my oled lg 4k tv. Until some months ago i had a sony system, paid 350 euros, but i never ever got a real home theater feeling, i guess it is normal at that...
  14. N

    Home audio setup questions

    So this is probably going to be painful for some of you to read because the solution is probably so obvious. Anyways, We have moved into a new home and in one of the rooms there are 5 speakers (Pioneer) set up throughout the ceiling and there is a bunch of outlets down on the walls. In one...
  15. edenbensal

    connect apple tv 4 to bose home theater

    I have LG television model 42LG50FR and BOSE Lifestyle 8 system (5.1) old system. I received today my Apple TV 4 and I want to connect it to the home theater system. how can I do it?
  16. M

    Need help setting up home theater system please

    I can't for the life of me get all my components working at once with this new theater system I am trying to set up. Here is what I have: TV- Samsung UN70KU6300 (has ARC) Receiver- Denon AVR S710W Direct TV Xbox One I can get the direct tv to work, but once I try to get the Xbox One set up...
  17. J

    Home Theater Surround Sound BUNDLE - Denon X3200 w/ Elac F6 and C5

    I am selling a basically brand new Denon X3200 receiver as well as the Elac F6 and C5 tower and center speakers made by the famous Andrew Jones. Everything is pretty much brand new, works flawlessly and comes with original box. Universal amazing reviews and an amazing sounding system. Feel free...
  18. R

    Buying A House, Owner want to sell home Home Theater

    Hi, I recently placed an offer on a home and the current home owner ask if we wanted to purchase the home theater. I don't know anything about home theater projectors. The projector he has and wants to sell is a JVC DLA-X30 BU.. The price he mentioned is $8000 for everything includes...
  19. C

    Sony - ES SXRD 3D-Ready 4K Home Theater Projector Model: VPLVW1100ES ($28,000 retail)

    Brand new Sony - ES SXRD 3D-Ready 4K Home Theater Projector email me: [email protected] Model: VPLVW1100ES $26,999.99 http://www.sony.com/electronics/projector/vpl-vw1100es
  20. arsh


    It includes 4 T 301, 1 CC301, and T2 SW, all original packaging for quick sale Asking only $1695, plus shipping. paypal ok. orig price $2195. grab it
  21. Bobofbone

    An old home theater

    I haven't seen two home theaters that are identical. We all have different ideas, and I came on a home theater that was different from what I've seen in the past. It was in this house. It's an older home-used by the Colonial Governor of the Virginia Colony, and later by the first two...
  22. L

    Covering scratches on Home Theater Receiver

    Hi, My Sony STR-K502p 5.1 Receiver has just celebrated its 15th birthday! Unfortunately, the years have taken a toll and it doesn't look as nice as it sounds. There are several noticeable scratches on the top of the receiver and on the speakers which i'd like to cover. The speakers and receiver...