1. R

    TV source on Samsung Home Theater keeps changing

    I have a Samsung HT E5550W Home Theater. Lately, the TV source keeps changing randomly while using the HT. I have done a factory reset and updated to the latest s
  2. tempest21

    Blood Fills Basement of Residential Home in 5" of Animal Sewage

    When I first came across this story, I thought it was a pre-Halloween prank being pulled on SyFy.com visitors but after the reading the article, I was like WHOA! You couldn't make this crap up. A family in Iowa, who were neighbors to the new owners of Dahl's Meat Locker, who had dumped the...
  3. John Dirk

    Building My Home Theater - The Evolution

    I've been at this expensive hobby for quite awhile. Here is the evolution of my HT from where it [basically] began to where it is today. It's been a tough journey at times but worth it in every way. I'm hoping this thread will motivate and inspire some of our future enthusiasts. For the more...
  4. D

    Will this room have any chance at working for a home Theater

    I have a storage room that I would like to try and use as a home theater room. Any advice and/or suggestions on making this work are appreciated. I'm using a free floor planner design for the below images and could not find ceiling speakers, so the lights in the ceiling are meant to be...
  5. R

    Using PA System Speakers for Home Theatre

    Hi! I have a Yamaha Stagepas 400i PA system with its own mixer-cum-amp. I was wondering if I could also use these two speakers as front speakers as a second Home Theatre (with two sets of input cables coming to the speaker jacks - one from the mixer-cum-amp for PA use and another from the AV...
  6. RobertR

    The Rescue of my Home Theater, Part 2

    I love my VMPS main speakers. They have such substantial build quality, MUCH better than the typical speaker. They sound fantastic. Next month I will have had them for 25 years. In speaker terms, I suppose they could be called senior citizens. Seniors know that body parts wear out. Last...
  7. broomrider

    Audioline home theater speakers

    Are these good brand speakers
  8. A

    Sony vs polk vs onkyo home theater

    How is the quality of sony home theaters like n9200 comparing with onkyo or polk or yamaha at the same price range??? I will buy for watching movies in home and i want a true surround sound system.... Thnks
  9. CrazyCatz72

    CrazyCatz Budget Hi Fi / Home Theatre 2019 -

    Well 1st off Hello to all the HTF members and i'm looking forward to some great conversations about all things Hi Fi / Home Theatre / Music, Movies and Video Games. My System is Budget and includes a fair amount of 2nd hand Kit and is still very much in the planning and building stage.. i...
  10. D

    Advice for Stereo Home Theater Speakers or possibly Sound Bar

    Hi everybody, I have a new home and am setting up a temporary home theater room until I can build a more dedicated space in a year or two. I would very much appreciate some of your expertise on helping me with a simple set up. Here is what I'm looking for: - I watch movies - not really any...
  11. N

    Installed home audio wiring help

    Hello, My in-laws contractor installed ceiling speaker inside and outside and ran all the wiring for home audio. Four white jacketed speaker wires and a black jacketed wire go from laundry (where receiver will be) to an outlet in the den by light switches. Also, three blue and three black cat...
  12. S

    Home Theater sytem: Rebuild

    i Do not know if you all remember the Camp fire that swept through Paradise California on November 8th of 2018 that was my where I lived for 15 plus years before the fire, leaving all my stuff behind to burn up, a good quarter century of building a Home Theater starting out in the Mid 80s with...
  13. S

    Home Theater Help

    What are you looking for (Speakers, Subwoofer or Both)? Both Primary Use: 30% Music, 70% TV & Movies Desired Configuration: 5.1 to 7.1 Room Size: 18x12 Is the room open to other areas of your home: No Do you already have an AV receiver or amplifier? No What's your budget (low to high)...
  14. Adam Lenhardt

    Home Theater Seating

    For the past fourteen years, I have watched TV and movies in the same oversized leather chair: I love this chair. I have practically lived in this chair. However, I woke up on the Fourth of July with a terrible stiff neck that lasted three or four days, and I've been dealing with neck...
  15. T

    Which will be the best home theater setup?

    I want to know the best setup under a low budget of 50,000. Can anyone suggest me a better home theatre?
  16. Mythirdgen

    Loud quality home stereo

    You have $4k budget and you want to crank everything from Tom Petty to Dr. Dre. What do you buy? I want the house shake so no 6.5” woofer stuff.
  17. G

    Home Theater Upgrade - Suggestions please!

    Hi All, this is Kartik from Kansas. I have been living in an apartment and am about to move into a house. I plan to setup a theater room in the basement - the previous owners have already converted the non conforming bedroom in the basement into a 2-tier theater room so that's the perfect place...
  18. Kyrsten Brad

    Little Darlings (1980) finally making its HiDef home media debut!

    Good Day Folks, Brad here. Now this was one I (and a number of HTF enthusiasts) was hoping (and still hoping) would appear in HD on Blu-ray. Well Little Darlings (1980) has finally come to home media in HiDef but only online. Amazon Prime is now offering this (I bought it) and so far it looks...
  19. EnricoGon

    Home Theater without speakers

    Hi good ppl. I love film, but because of my healt it is difficult for me to go to a cinema, therefor I want home theater. I have a video projector and a home cinema sound system. The problem where I live is that I can't have high sound. So my question is : is it possible to use headphones...
  20. E

    Please help me figure out how to use my built-in home theatre speakers

    I have an older Sony Home Theatre (Model HCD-C-450) and I am hoping to use the built-in wall speakers of the house I recently bought. The wall plates are incredibly confusing and I'm not sure which connectors/adapters to use. The wall plate looks foreign to me, the jacks look like they require...
  21. billwhitt

    In-Wall Ported Vs Sealed subs for home theater

    Kind of a novice looking to build a home theater. Very limited space will require me to go in wall and ceiling with the speakers. I was looking at the sonance R12SUB as it has a frequency response down to 25Hz, the lowest I can find for an in-wall sub. I was thinking 2 of these in the front of...
  22. M

    Home Theater Klipsch wired + wireless possible?

    Hi guys, I just purchased a Klipsch home theater system and I am hoping to also connect speakers in other rooms to the system as a separate zone setup for wireless. My question is: can I use wired klipsch speakers and make them wireless somehow without losing much audio quality? The...
  23. U

    New Home Theater - Wiring Advice

    Hello! New user here hoping to get some advice and guidance. I am currently starting a project to finish my attic and plan to make it a combined rec space and home theater. The floorplan is a 38' x 28' colonial so a 45 degree roof pitch up to a 7' flat ceiling with a staircase splitting the room...
  24. BeezleBub_Ross

    Home Theater Speaker Comparison Question

    I am currently getting estimates on ceiling speaker installs and didn’t know if anyone had any input on the differences between these 3 types: Klipsch CS-16C-II 6.5” in-ceiling Episode 350 Series in-ceiling 6.5” TruAudio REV6P Revolve series 6.5” Honestly, I don’t know much about this, and my...
  25. H

    Setting up first Home Theater system with older Panasonic SA-HE100 receiver

    Hi all. I'm a newbie here, trying to set up a Home Theater system with an older Panasonic SA-HE100 receiver I've had sitting around for years. I've had it playing through a pair of Bose 901 speakers recently, and they sound great. But recently got some Klipsch R14M speaker to attach to the other...
  26. R

    For Sale: LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Smart Home Theater CineBeam Projector

    Here is my LG HU80KA XPR UHD Laser DLP Home Theater Projector I have decided to sell. Its in good condition, fully functional. There is a small scratch on the casing from installation on the side. Originally purchased and received new on July 2018. Asking $1500 shipped and insured or best...
  27. nohackmove

    Hello to everybody

    Hi All, I am a rookie person for Home Audio - Video Systems. I have purchased a Marantz NR1607 two year ago, and purt together with Canton Movie 85 CX 5.1 Speakers for my home theater system build. I was looking for a community to get in touch with other interested people with AVR systems for...
  28. S

    Which is the better home theater system? (please answer fast!)

    Hey all, I literally just signed up here. I love forums. As of this month, I have my first man cave and I'm looking for a low cost home theater surround sound system. It's just a bedroom so I don't need insane quality, just regular movies/music stuff. I don't know a ton about these, but in our...
  29. J

    Building a home theater questions

    Hi, I am building a new home with a room specifically for a theater construction will start in the next month or two. In my current home I have a theater and will be reusing the subs, LCR and buying surrounds and heights. The room will be unique as it will have ICF walls on all 4 sides and an...