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  1. J

    For Sale: M&K MP7 Pair White Speakers UK ( NEW)

    Hi! I am selling my M&K MP7 Pair White Speakers for £750 - Brand new - never used, only taken out the box (which I sadly don't have anymore). Pristine condition, astonishing speakers. Comes with 10 years manufacturers guarantee. I wanted these for in my living room, but I found the layout...
  2. Frankie_A

    Hard to find elements that really "make" it a Home Theatre.

    I have in my head exactly what I want in my Home Cinema, but while they are simple elements that would create a cinema environment, evidently not a lot of people incorporate them into their setup because finding manufacturers is a real challenge. I am not talking about the obvious -- speakers...
  3. J

    Moving home theatre into a condo

    Hi, i am moving into a condo very soon and i would like to bring my 5.1 system with me although i had the system for a long time, the technical stuff of HT is still pretty new to me, so please be specific, i already know i can decouple and i will decouple all speakers. sorry for my bad English...
  4. L

    Old Home Theatre System: possible to use with Bluetooth?

    Hi everyone. Maybe a dumb question, but I've recently moved into a house that is already furnished. The owner has a home theater system already in place, though it does seem old and has a few problems. It is a Panasonic SA-XR55 model. Just wondering is there a way to modernize this thing so I...
  5. T

    Yamaha HTR-5890 running very hot.

    I have a couple of questions. First, is it normal for these units to run hot? Plenty of space around it to breathe. Second, if I don't actually have speakers connected, does it still use power for the amps and generate heat (headphones)? Third, if I set it to "Stereo" does that mean the other...