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  1. Wookie Groomer

    How I blackened my home theater with velvet, evolving from common mancave into a batcave!

    The latest video showcasing my mindset on what I originally wanted to do with my home theater plans vs what I had to do to honor the film-makers vision using triple black velvet!
  2. A

    sub and speaker setup beginner

    PLEASE HELP I am currently using a REL 5 subwoofer that has high level connection so the bass from my left and right speakers comes out from the sub and also using LFE cable I have upgraded sub to SVS PB1000 and want to do the same left and right speaker bass to come from sub and also use LFE...
  3. Dario1971

    HTPC connect to DAC for Home Cinema

    Hi all. I have to connect an HTPC to a Yamaha RX-A3080, in order to view my movies. Because HTPC it is 20 meters away from Yamaha RX-A3080, how many ways you know I can use? Thanks in advanced.
  4. A

    Sony vs polk vs onkyo home theater

    How is the quality of sony home theaters like n9200 comparing with onkyo or polk or yamaha at the same price range??? I will buy for watching movies in home and i want a true surround sound system.... Thnks
  5. King Mustard

    How much would you sell a Pioneer HTP-072 home cinema package for?

    Pioneer HTP-072 5.1 home cinema package Pioneer VSX-324-K-P AV receiver (2013 model) 4K passthrough (HDCP 1.4) iPod/iPad/iPhone support S-22W-P subwoofer S-11A-P satellite speakers I have looked on eBay UK and I'm struggling to find an ideal price for what these go for. It cost me around...
  6. Birdie

    The MinMax

    Hi there, as introduced here, I am new in this forum. In this thread I'd like to introduce my small homecinema, the "MinMax". Let me start as a first time visitor would experience the MinMax. The theater is in our basement, so when walking down the stairs, you'd first see autographs of a few...
  7. S

    Basement Home Theatre in Pakistan

    I had posted on this forum a few years back and had gotten tremendous feedback. At the time I was planning the construction of my house. Now I am getting ready to actually finish the Home Theatre. I've attached a drawing of the area. About the Room If you are facing the screen, it is concrete...
  8. P

    Which is the best site to sell used but perfect M&K K7 and K4 home cinema speakers with K9 subwoofer

    I'm new to this site but I'm hoping that someone can advise where I can sell used Miller & Kreisel home cinema speakers: 3x front K7, 2x rear K4, 1x K9 subwoofer. I live in Glasgow and bought them from a specialist audio shop around 15 years ago but they are in perfect condition - only used for...
  9. C

    epson home cinema 5040ub on sale at BB and other places

    Just wanted to let everyone know what they probably already know. $500 off the Epson 5040ub at BB. $2500 is a steal for this baby.
  10. D

    7.1.4 setup opinions needed

    I am looking for some general thoughts/advice from people on how I should handle the setup of our home theater downstairs. I'm looking to do a 7.1.4 setup in our basement but the left side of the theater area has a large open space which goes into the other portion of the basement and we have...
  11. jylos

    Dolby Atmos Home Cinema System

    Hi, I am looking to buy a home cinema system. I am interested in the Dolby Atmos 5.1.4, 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 setups but have a budget of $800. I'm really looking for the cheapest option that will give me one of these setups, preferably 7.1.4 though. I would also like the system to include a...