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  1. Robert_Zohn

    Hisense new 2022 L5G 4K HDR Laser UST Projection System

    Hisense's selects Value Electronics to launch the new L5G 4K HDR Laser projection system. Now on display in our showroom and in stock for immediate delivery. Here's the launch promotion offers for the L5G w/100" screen $4,499, sale $3,499, L5G w/120" screen $4,999, sale $3,999. All prices...
  2. Robert_Zohn

    Hisense 75" U9DG Dual Cell LCD/LED 4K HDR TV

    We just received Hisense's first allocation of their new 75" U9DG Dual Cell LCD/LED 4K HDR TVs. These are the first and only Dual Cell TV available in the USA. It's Hisense's 2nd generation of Dual Cell display technology. Very nice overall picture quality with over 2 million local dimming...
  3. J

    Issues with the Hisense 65H9F

    Just wall-mounted my 65H9F. It is a beautiful TV. I watched The Avengers on Prime Video on UHD and looked really good. The same for Netflix Pets 2 (regular HD). I need to upgrade the Netflix to UHD tonight. But I noticed a couple of issues: 1. Reviews said this TV was great to watch sports and...