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  1. themachine

    Guardians of the Galaxy V.2, The Shallows, Starship Troopers, Inferno, etc. HD UV itunes digital

    All codes were taken personally from retail blu-rays myself and are unused. The format will be next to them and prices are negotiable but priority will go to first contact and full price offers. I recommend using the codes as soon as possible in case the site is hacked but once again these are...
  2. JohnHopper

    Vintage TV Series You Want To See The BD Treatment?

    What vintage series would you like to see remastered in HD for a blu-ray release? MY CANDIDATES FOR A BLU-RAY RELEASE Danger Man (50 minutes series) Rawhide (especially season 4) The Outer Limits (1963-1965) The Wild Wild West
  3. P

    HD HDX ultraviolet codes several to choose from

    All codes listed are HD high definition UltraViolet codes HDX if you have a vudu account Payment will be made with PayPal I will also consider trades for other high-def ultraviolet codes I will consider reasonable offers. All codes are unused and checked to make sure it is valid I am new...