1. P

    Receiver Help

    Hi all, My old Denon receiver died and I need to replace it ASAP. In my price range here are four receivers that I've narrowed my search to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated., Yamaha RX-V483BL Onkyo TX-NR575 Pioneer Elite VS-LX102 Denon AVR-S730H Thanks so much for the advice!
  2. E

    Help on trying to identify an issue with bass

    So, my home theater system has been working great for a while now. Simply 5.1 system - Pioneer receiver, Xbox One for Blu-ray, Boston Acoustic front and rear speakers, Sony center speaker, Sony Subwoofer. But then two nights ago, when watching Logan, I noticed the bass sounded very strange. I...
  3. N

    New guy need help with preamp selection for 5.1

    Hey guys I'm kind of new to home theater audio. I currently have a paradigm set of speakers Monitor7 v2 front floor speakers Adp170 rears And a ps1000 v3 sub that I need to reform the surround. I currently have an onkyo receiver that is on its way out (loses audio periodically) seems to...
  4. rmw650

    Trying to find a few country music movies from the 1960s...can anyone help?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if you guys and gals can help a fellow board member out in attaining and searching for a few of those old country music movies from the 1960s as I'd really like to have these for my personal collection and they are as follows: 1) Country Music Caravan or Country...
  5. A

    Help Me Sort Out My Speaker Collection

    To make a long story short, I've got way too many speakers... some were mine, some were inherited, some were given to me, some magically appeared. Basically, I'm trying to piece together two home theater setups. One is going in a 12x20 room with the TV on one of the long walls. The other is...
  6. Frank Soyke

    Here’s a Film Quote One I Need Help With

    Supporting character- “ You’re going to regret this” Main character - “ I know I will, I regret everything.” This one been bugging me trying to figure it out. Been wracking my brain on it for a while now What film is this.
  7. B

    Disney Movie Club Card issues Help

    So I recently just joined the disney movie club using a prepaid card (ya I know, dumb, right?). So when I found out about the membership agreement, I started to flip. I barely had any funds on my prepaid card and thought there was a catch when I got to get 5 movies for a $1 but I still did it...
  8. G

    4K tv has terrible picture please help

    hey guys so I need some help, so I bought the Samsung 65 inch MU8500, and I bought a $200 4K Sony blue ray player, I first watched Thor ragnarok and it looked pretty good, still felt some scenes didn’t look very clear when they were showing them from a distance, so I went online to see which tv...
  9. BlackOps

    Need Some Sony Receiver Help

    Need some help with something. I’ve gone from an Onkyo to a Sony, specifically an 1100ES. On the Onkyo, I could set the desired “sound field” for each time of audio. So various varieties of Dolby and DTS were process exactly as they are, but all 2.0 channel sources (usually from apps and such)...
  10. LI Guy

    Audio help needed on church project

    Hi guys, I got a lot of help from this forum when I put in my first home theater back in 2004. Have not been on the forum lately and now have a new project in front of me: Installing multi-media in the Gathering Space at our church. The room is half below ground, it's one of those setups...
  11. K

    Help needed with a Home Theater stage

    Hi, I'm wondering and hoping that this would be the place to post and get some help with a Home Theater project of mine; it has nothing to do with equipment but finishing. I'm building my very first HT and in finishing stages. I built a straight riser in the back to accommodate five seats for...
  12. B

    Samsung UHD Blu-Ray Player Help

    At the very start of a video and menu on a Blu-Ray on my Samsung UBD-M9500, there is almost always a second-long delay for when the audio comes in. Could someone please help me fix it, if possible?
  13. B

    Samsung UHD Player help

    At the very start of a video and menu on a Blu-Ray on my Samsung UBD-M9500, there is almost always a second-long delay for when the audio comes in. Could someone please help me fix it, if possible?
  14. John Mot

    Please advice 11 X 16.4 theater room

    Experts Please Advice .. I don't have any previous experience in having a separate home theater room, in the new home that we are constructing, we are thinking of converting one bedroom room to a media room and its dimensions are 11 wide x 16.4 length x 9 height . We don't know whether this is...
  15. Dimitrios_S

    HDMI Audio Extractor Help

    My very old Denon receiver has never been able to handle HDCP, so I have never used the HDMI switcher built into the receiver and up until now it hasn't been a problem. I have always taken video sources directly into the Television and then whatever source I was using I would either take the...
  16. Shannon W

    Help picking a new display!!!!

    Guys please for give me but I’ve read reviews till I’m blue in the face. Currently my budget is $2000 I’d like a 75” panel but I’m coming up short for that budget so this also is making me look into the 65” range also. My viewing area is about 12-13’; so I’m in a dalima to sacrifice some...
  17. J

    need help buying a new tv

    my old tv just gave out and a need a good 4k tv that will give a great picture i am on a budget as i just bougth a 3000 dollar projector so i am under 1000 $ range for a tv anyone has suggestion for a tv please help :)
  18. battlebeast

    The Lion in Winter Director, Actors help

    I'm looking for a Bio of Anthony Harvey, and short bios of Hepburn, O'Toole, Timothy Dalton and Anthony Hopkins, either on disc or on the net (you tube, etc.). Any help would be much appreciated!
  19. A

    Home Audio Help - Controls Identifiction

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone in this community might be able to help me. My sister went to view a house and it has built in speakers, wall controls and tv mounts. All the cables seem to feed back to a central closet but the original system/audio equipment has been removed - the cables are just...
  20. tylernugent

    Need help planning projector-based home theatre

    I want to place a projector in the rear of my living room that receives video input from both a desktop computer (e.g. Chromebox) to use for video and audio streaming and a Blu-Ray player (for watching movies). The screen will be on the opposite side of the room. Where I'm stumbling is what to...
  21. Christopher Myles

    Pioneer Elite SC 85 buzzing issues. HELP

    I have an occasional buzzing sound coming through the receiver. I can actually hear it inside the unit and it comes out in speakers. Anybody know what needs to be replaced inside the reciever. This beast cost me 900 and don't want to buy a new one.
  22. M

    Help with projector, AVR, PC Setup

    Hello - I've moved and am trying to set up my projector to play the audio/video I'm streaming through my PC. I've had this same PC/video card with dual-monitors, AVR, and projector setup working in my previous two homes, so I'm clueless/frustrated as to why it isn't working now. I had it...
  23. Rado001

    Help with Denon AVR-S730H

    Hi all, Looking to get a new Denon AVR-S730H and have a few questions I couldn't have answered from reading reviews and specs: 1) I have a Denon HomeCinema soundbar and sub. Both are HEOS-based, as is the receiver in question. Will the AVR-S730H connect with HomeCinema soundbar / sub? 2) Is...
  24. C

    Center channel speaker help

    Need some help. I bought Martin Logan in-ceiling speakers for my theater system. Problem is that the center channel speaker (an ML-67i) requires roughly a 10.5" opening and I discovered I have only 8" horizontally between cross members in my ceiling. Everything is installed except the center...
  25. Wingsman

    In wall speaker help

    Hello, I am in a speaker situation that most of us face (wife acceptance). I do not have a dedicated HT. I use my living space as such, and have tried to set it up with good components as best i can. My current setup consists of an Anthem 710 receiver, right and left Paradigm Studio 20 speakers...
  26. W

    Help! Bad Pixelization Problems on LG OLED

    Need some expert advice here. In the summer I bought a 65" LG Curved OLED. Over time I noticed Pixelization issues. I thought maybe some of it had to do with lousy source material over an interlaced cable box signal. I didn't see much issue with BDs or UHD until a day or two ago when I watched...
  27. RobertR

    Help! Who is this redhead?

    The guy sitting next to me on the plane was watching a TV show on his Ipad. It had a stunning redhead in it. The scene I remember best was of her being filmed in front of a green screen, interacting with a pole held by someone, obviously meant to represent a CGI creation. Does this ring a...
  28. Bleddyn Williams

    HDR & Home Calibration... your help please!

    Hello all! I recently decided to upgrade my aging home theatre. The first thing I did was get a 65" LG OLED E7 TV (following some guidance from our own Gregg Loewen). Until I can get a professional calibration from Gregg, I used Spears and Muncil to do a home calibration. This will do me for...
  29. K

    Help for tv sound in a two story family room

    Our family room is open to the second floor of our home, and the sound from our tv escapes upstairs. In order to hear dialogue, we have to turn the sound up. Then, it is actually louder upstairs than in our family room. We are thinking speakers placed near our seating area may help. We do not...
  30. N

    New TV need help

    Okay guys so you walk into my house and there a hallway, immediately the living room is to the right and to the left is a closet with a switch and a outlet. I have a spot i want to hang a tv on a wall n the lviing but have no room for the cable box and do not want wires hanging all over the...