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  1. T

    Which ceiling height speaker to purchase(actually to return)

    I purchased The klipsch r 1650 c a pair. After later review i was little concerned that the power range was only 35 watts. i will be running 5.1.2 on denon avr 3500x with klipsch rfIIi's as mains and the center and rear surrounds of all the same line. Svs pb2-isd( dual 12 in powered sub). I...
  2. Aaron Silverman

    Front Height (on actual bookshelves): Bookshelf or Atmos Upfiring?

    I currently have a basic 5.1 setup running through a Sony STR-DN1080, and want to add front height speakers. Here's the room: I plan to put the front heights on top of those two tower bookshelves, which are exactly 6' tall. The ceiling is around 9.5'-10' total, and viewing distance is just...