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hdmi to vga

  1. N

    HDMI to VGA issue

    Hello. Thanks for your help. I am having a display issue with HDMI devices (Blu-Ray and Firestick) running through my ONKYO TX-NR609 to an old Toshiba TDP S25 projector. The projector supports VGA and RCA. The picture comes out distorted and purple. BLU-RAY >hdmi> receiver > hdmi out...
  2. ghadden

    Do inexpensive HDMI to VGA adapters work?

    Hi y'all. Mine doesn't. I'm running the adapter out of my cable TV HDMI slot and into a VGA cable connected to my Hitachi projector. All I get is a red screen when I turn it on. Weirdly, if I do a reset on the cable box I can see the images as its telling me its resetting. Then at the point...
  3. T

    HDMI out to VGI In... Let me explain... :)

    Hello. I have recently fallen upon a Mitsu XS206U projector. Fantastic lumens, contrast, bulb life. I bought it used with 600 hours on it. I have an Insignia 5.1 receiver with HDMI (i worked at best buy in college, don't knock my cheap receiver. it was HUGE to have HDMI that didn't just switch...