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hacksaw ridge

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    Hacksaw Ridge, Fury, Allied, and J. Edgar

    All codes are in HD Hacksaw Ridge (UV or iTunes) - $3.50 Allied (UV or iTunes) - $3 Fury (UV) - $3 J. Edgar (UV) - $1.50
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    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this film recently for the first time. One thing that puzzled me was: why didn't the Japanese cut the ropes hanging from the cliff.This would have stopped the Americans from climbing them and killing the Japanese? I know I am not the only person...
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    Hacksaw Ridge, X-Men Apocalypse, The Last Witch Hunter HD Digital UV or itunes and others

    I only accept Paypal friends and family payments at this time. All codes are HD. Hacksaw Ridge $2.50 iTunes or VUDU The last witch hunter $2.50 iTunes or VUDU X-Men Apocolypse $2.50 iTunes or VUDU Others below Bad Santa (unrated...