1. John Dirk

    ***SOLD*** Floor Standing Speakers - Various Makes & Models *** SOLD***

    Hello HTF! I have the following floor standing speaker pairs priced to sell. Please see links below for details. First come, first serve and I will reduce asking price by $50.00 for anyone here who wants to grab a pair. As the ads state, these are for local pickup or delivery within 100...
  2. R

    Polk Monitor 70 series II or RTi A7 Floor Standing

    Folks, I am little confused if i have to buy a pair of Monitor 70 or RTi A7 for my FL/FR 5.2.4 home theater setup. I have fixed/reusing below setup but still confused on the floor standing speakers. Suggestion helps. Room size: 20' x11' approx Receiver: Denon x4500H 9.2 channel Rear : Polk...
  3. B

    DIY Cylindrical Enclosures

    Sorry for the long post... So I was contemplating building a pair of floor-standing speakers and I looked at quite a few different designs. I considered going with the classic sealed, square box, but it seems that lately there's been a general movement towards ovular shaped towers in high-end...
  4. A

    Floor speakers on a shelf???

    Hi all, I posted a thread yesterday, Quality 3.1 System vs. Quality Passive 5.1 Soundbar? All things considered, it looks like the answer so far is to go with a 3.1 setup. Ok, that said, I liked the soundbar router because I have the perfect place for a long "center speaker". I do have room...
  5. lumail

    Keystoning Query

    I'm running a projector from the floor, and I am projecting an image about 5'x3', it will be about three feet off the floor from the bottom of the frame, will +/- 20 degrees keystoning be sufficient to create a pretty square image? Looking to purchase a projector online, I don't want it to get...
  6. M

    Are Cerwin-Vega speakers any good?

    I'm looking at Cerwin-Vega's home floorstanding speakers. Many people say that they play loud, have a lot of bass, but produces unrefined sound overall. Are they really that bad? Bic America has a lineup of floorstanding speakers called RtR which has similar looks to Cerwin-Vega's speakers...