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    The Complete First Season on DVD!

    I read this little blurb at DVDFile: Rounding out today's news, word has just come in from Warner Home Video to watch for...Smallville: The Complete First Season in late summer/early fall... The ellipses are mine, but you get the picture. I hope it's in 16:9 and DD5.1 like the Canadian pilot...
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    The Mask (Animated, 1995) - The Complete First Season Coming This April from Warner Archive

    That's right folks, The Mask is finally on its way. I for one am beyond excited, because I loved this show back in the day. The cover art is just awesome. Now, if we could only get the 90s Addams Family on DVD.... Running time: 352 minutes. Release date: 4/10/2018 You can pre - order the...