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  1. Mark Y

    Filmation Sabrina re-release

    Apologies if this has been mentioned before. Apparently it's been out for a couple months but I just discovered this. Looks to be a clone of the earlier Genius Entertainment set, just with different cover artwork. No idea about the other Archie series...
  2. Regulus

    Have you seen the prices on the old BCI/Eclipse Filmation sets?

    I was surfing amazon.com looking to see what the prices were of box sets I intend to purchase later this year when I stumbled across a listing for the 1970s set Secrets of Isis. It was selling for $149.89! :eek: I looked up the other sets sold by BCI/Eclipse and I came up with the following...
  3. seanrt

    Filmation titles just pulled from iTunes Store & Amazon Video

    The animated Filmation titles of He-Man, Sabrina and the Archies have just disappeared from iTunes in the last two days. I know that iTunes has received complaints the episodes were from PAL sources thus have the speed up. I find it interesting Dreamworks Classic Media (or whatever it is...