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  1. Grady Reid

    Superman Extended Cut available for download?

    I see iTunes has it available as an extra if you buy Superman The Movie for $10. Does Amazon or Vudu offer something similar? Edit: I’m talking about the 3 hour cut just released.
  2. Blimpoy06

    Warner Archive Announces “Superman: The Movie” Extended Cut

    Warner Archive announced on their Facebook page yesterday that they will be releasing the nearly 40 minute longer TV edit of the 1978 classic Superman: The Movie. https://www.facebook.com/warnerarchive/
  3. V

    This or That Edition: What the director intended you to see

    "Do you want to watch the Theatrical or [Insert: Unrated/Extended/Director's Cut]?" is a question most us have encountered when playing a Blu-ray or a DVD. Or even when you're about to stream a movie. Nowadays, with numerous different editions of many films, it can be hard to determine which...