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  1. Christopher Mckinley

    Equalizer woes..

    Hey everyone,I'm new to this forum..I have a question I'm sure has been asked before,but will anyway..I've been a long time onkyo fan....And I finally broke down and bought the txrz820..At first glance I was in love..My previous receiver was part of a home theater in a box we'l say...But after a...
  2. K

    Home Theatre Audio Difficulties

    Hey Guys, I'm having a problem with the audio outputted out of my speakers from my home theatre set up. I have a left and right Klipsh speakers and a subwoofer connected to a Denon AVR-3805. At one point everything was working fine and sounded great. Then one day, the sound sounded "washed...
  3. B

    Selective emphasis of treble

    I am aware that if you jack up the treble for a song with a wav editor, you jack up all the treble points, such as the "s" sound in lyrics as well as the cymbals, just like when you turn up the treble knob on a stereo. However, I was wondering whether there is a program that allows you to...