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  1. Wookie Groomer

    My Home Theater and Media Room walk through tours!

    I've been asked by those following my home theater build videos over the past couple years to post a current and complete walk through video. I finally got around to documenting the completed basement build. It took me over two years from design to final build of what you see here and I did it...
  2. Hal Masonberg

    Epson 5040 suddenly very dark even with new bulb

    This has probably been addressed earlier, but there are so many pages, I can't seem to find it. So... 5040UB, have had it for a few years. Always looks amazing. Within the last year, the image has gotten noticeably darker. I assumed it was the bulb (2414 hrs) so I finally changed that out 2 days...
  3. A

    Best Audio Bluetooth compatibility / setup for an Epson Projector ?

    Hello! As I don't want to run cables through my place, I am thinking to buy a bluetooth sound bar to connect to my Epson 2250 Video Projector, having the soundbar under the screen would be the best option without having cables running through my room :) I am new to video projectors so I am...
  4. N

    Rustic theater

    I am currently starting my my theater build out it's a small space but it's finally mine and I am av Installer by trade I have been doing it for about 15 years but this will be my first theater of my own with my wife's "permission " the room size is 21x11 it will have a 120" screen I already...
  5. MikeSme

    help choosing NEC NP-PA500 or Epson Cinema 550 projector?

    Epson Cinema 550: $175 1400 lumen 3000:1 contrast or- NEC NP-PA500x: $350 5000 lumen 2000:1 contrast in the process of wiring the ceiling, (9' height) I can hang them at any distance back from the screen. it's a "110 electric DRAPER Cinescreen. Thanks.
  6. B

    Delay in signal loading on new projector?

    I recently bought a Epson Home Cinema 4010 3LCD Home Theatre Projector for my home theater. It's mounted on the ceiling and connected to an Onkyo TX-SR607 A/V unit via BlueRigger in-Wall High Speed HDMI Cable - 35 Feet (10 M) - CL3 Rated - Supports [email protected], Ultra HD, 3D, 1080p, Ethernet and...
  7. D

    baffling (ersatz) UHD issue with Epson 5040UB

    Hello, all. I'm completely baffled by something I am experiencing with my Epson 5040UB, which only has about 50 hours on it, and pretty much all of it has been with HD 1920x1080 sources. I'm attached to the Oppo UDP-203 player, which is 4K capable. And I've got it set to "source direct" as its...
  8. D

    Can it be fixed? Epson 5010 has developed a squeak.

    I have an Epson 5010 1080p projector. After four or five years it has developed a faint but audible high pitched intermitant squeak in what I believe to be the fan. Is this a known problem that can be fixed? If not is there something that I could make like a sound cowel that allows air to pass?
  9. Bob Cashill

    3D Shutoff problem/Onkyo, Samsung, Epson

    For almost five years I've had a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player (FT5700 I believe) and an Epson 6030UB projector. It worked together flawlessly until my Yamaha receiver failed and I replaced it with an Onkyo TX-RZ810; after about 15 minutes of play everything shuts down, and I have to restart. Any...
  10. T

    Selling Like-New Home Theater System: Epson projector, SI screen, Pioneer receiver and more...

    Hi Home Theater Forum community, In case anybody is interested in an excellent home theater projector system... I need to liquidate my great setup which I have been enjoying every now and then for the past 2 years. This setup was purchased at Best Buy/Magnolia in Union Square NYC. I need to...
  11. T

    Epson 3100 vs Epson 4000 4Ke

    Hi Guys, i finishing my basement and have an area dedicated for the home theatre. I have already done the rough in for the electrical and have a plan for the surround speakers ect. Im putting the cart before the horse a bit but ive been looking at projectors and i found that the epson 3100...
  12. Hal Masonberg

    Epson 5040 having trouble recognizing HDR Blu-rays

    Not sure if this problem has been mentioned before, but my 5040UB seems to suddenly be having a problem recognizing HDR signals from my Sony X800 4K Blu-ray player. The projector has worked flawlessly for months, now all of a sudden when I put a 4K HDR disc in, the Epson reads it as SDR...
  13. Hal Masonberg

    4K upscaling via Sony X800 Blu-ray player or Epson 5040UB Projector?

    My Blu-ray player does 4K upscaling (Sony X800). However, my Epson 5040UB projector also does 4K upscaling. Is one inherently better than the other? Or does it just come down to looking at them side-by-side and picking a personal preference? Or is one actually using a better, more refined...
  14. Hal Masonberg

    Epson 5040UB not doing 4K upscaling. Help.

    4K Enhancement not working on 5040. Just purchased the Epson 5040UB. Set it up and noticed that while I had 4K Enhancement set to ON, frame interpolation was also still active. I had read that 4K Enhancement overrode that feature. So I went to the Projector Info section of the menu and it says...
  15. B Linker

    Epson 3500 w/ Denon AVR-1913 drops visual signal

    I am running Epson PLHC3500 (6-months old, replaced an older Panasonic) through a Denon AVR-1913 receiver (4-years old). After 4 months with no problems using the new Epson, the system now drops the visual signal about once per hour (on average). The audio signal continues to play through the...
  16. John Sparks

    Ceiling mount for Epson 5040/6040 PJ FOR SALE

    I bought a Epson 5040 and didn't have a ceiling mount. This mount was for sale on eBay last week so I bought it. Things changed and I returned the 5040 and purchased the 6040 instead. Now I have 2 ceiling mounts. I'm using the mount I bought from eBay and am selling the new one (unopened) for...
  17. John Sparks

    Epson 9500 Ub for sale!!!

    Finally upgraded and am selling my baby. $500 includes PJ, extra new Epson OEM lamp ($275) cable cover, remote and manual. Lamp is at 1370 hrs. on ECO. PJ works great. You can pick it up or I can mail it to you. I'm in the I.E. in So Cal. Not sure of the shipping charge, but I will split the...
  18. greggor

    Screen recommendation for Epson 5030 projector.

    As the title states I need screen recommendations for an Epson 5030 projector. I'm currently experiencing a hot spot with my Elite screen that I'm using. I'm looking for a 16:9 aspect ratio 120" fixed screen. Viewing distance is 10 to 15 feet away from the screen and I have good light control...
  19. C

    epson home cinema 5040ub on sale at BB and other places

    Just wanted to let everyone know what they probably already know. $500 off the Epson 5040ub at BB. $2500 is a steal for this baby.
  20. Bob Furmanek

    Epson 5040 Crosstalk Issues

    I've recently replaced my Epson 5030 with the 5040 as I wanted the auto lens features. I'm happy with that upgrade but am quite disappointed with increased levels of crosstalk. While I would very rarely see it on the 5030 during extreme contrast differences, it's much more common on the 5040. I...
  21. D

    Epson 2040 Projector Image is flashing on and off

    just bought an Epson 2040 projector it will eventually be ceiling mounted, but fired it up today to give it a test run connected to a Yamaha aventage 3030 AVR, sources are cable box, blue ray player, and roku image displayed when I select the cable box flashes on and off, then go blank/black...
  22. Eastmancolor

    House of Wax: Epson 5020 and Crosstalk

    I know HOUSE OF WAX has been discussed previously, but having only had 3-D capabilities on my Epson 5020UB projector for a short time, I'm having issues with lots of crosstalk with this and a few other titles. Making adjustments to the "3D Depth" field, I can eliminate ghosting in either...
  23. Herschel Frierson


    I have an Epson 5030UB, it is going on for about a year now. Over the past month I have experienced the Projector shutting down after about 5 hours of viewing. I had a company come in and clean it(no issues). I get no flashing light indicating that it is overheating, and once it shuts down I can...