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  1. G

    New 65" TV in built in entertainment center

    Hi, just received our new 65" OLED TV and trying to figure out how finish the built in entertainment center and whether or not to wall mount the TV and if so, how. First, a woodworking question. On the left in the picture is a finish piece that appears to go under the top cabinets. How can...
  2. Adam Lenhardt

    Entertainment Weekly to cease weekly publication

    It will move to monthly publication starting in July. The publisher has also laid off 13 staffers as part of the reorganization, including some of the magazine's most experienced feature writers -- a seemingly penny wise, pound foolish move since a monthly magazine will be even more reliant on...
  3. P

    Disney's Take Over of Fox TV Entertainment

    Do you think this will have a positive or negative impact on Fox DVD releases? What is Disney's track record for releasing DVD content? I wonder if they would be more likely to finish DVD sets like "The Fall Guy" or less likely.
  4. S

    Need help in building an entertainment wall

    We just moved into a pre-owned house and we are looking at building an entertainment wall in the living room. The wall is 22 feet by 12 feet. We will get an 82 or 85 inch TV, since we will sit about 18 feet back. I have talked to stereo stores and wall designers, but neither offer good advice...
  5. B

    New here and to home entertainment “questions”

    Hello, I’m new here and am trying to get together a decent home entertainment system. I bought a RCA 5:1 system a few years ago and am not impressed by the sound. I was hoping I could build off the receiver and just replace the speakers. I have seen the Bose redline speakers on eBay for cheap. I...
  6. F

    MGM's Distribution Deal with Fox has expired with Warner taking over! See Post#74

    I bet it would likely be Warner Bros., I think they should hire some Fox executives to take much better care of their library and distribution deals, and forge more licensing deals with smaller HE distributors/boutique labels, along with a new HE distribution deal with MGM (whose logo would be...